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discouraged obnurse

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Almost 3 years ago I posted my situation of having lost my job after 17 years in Obstetrical nursing due to a vicious co-worker and VP of Nursing. It was over an NRP exam that I was accused of cheating on, which I couldn't have because the answers were given to us. Anyway, I was able to find another job in Pediatric homecare which I have been doing for almost 3 years. During that period of time,I Ihave been trying to get back into hospital nursing, but have been unsuccessful. After almost 3 years, I finally got a few interviews and now they are saying that I need at least 1 year recent hospital experience. How do you get recent hospital experience if noone will hire you. I am an RNC,BSN, ACLS certified with over 20 years experience and I can't get a hospital job. Does anyone have any suggestions?:uhoh3:

Could you perhaps try agency nursing? If you have 17 years of OB experience, some agencies might be willing to give you a chance.

I hope something works out for you.


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I agree with the pp. I suggest you work for some agencies....that'll give you the hospital experience you desire.


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Thank-you for your replies. Does anyone know the name of any agencies in NJ that I could contact to try to get a hospital job? marcirnc:nurse:

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I would ask at the agency nursing forum, or the NJ nurses forum.