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I am current in school waiting to get into the nursing program. I have always wanted to be a nurse, but I get start to think what if I don't understand everything and not make it. So I would chicken out. After I had got laid off from my factory job I ran into a friend that I had grow up with. (We had lost contact because she had moved to another city.) She had became an RN about 2 years ago. So I decided to go ahead with nursing school. I figured that she could give me insight and relate to me since she is a farely new RN. I was wrong. When I ask her things about entrance into nursing school or any type of advice that would help me she says that she doesn't remember or she do not know. She does tell me that I should find another career and that she wish that someone would have told her the same thing. I would ask her what she did not like about the job, but she would not be specific. She also told me that the money is not that great either. So I almost just gave up because she is a pretty strong willed woman; therefore, the job must be awful. Then I would see on her feed on fb talking about how she love her job and so happy to be an RN. Now I am confused why would she tell me not to try to be a nurse? :confused: Has anyone else had someone to talk them out of being a nurse and what where their reasons?

Often times, people go into nursing for the wrong reasons, and it is these people who are incredibly unhappy and tell everyone who will listen that nursing isn't a good profession. If you go into nursing because you want to help others and you want to make a difference, you should be fine, and you will probably love your job. Your friend probably went to nursing school because she thought it would be a job where she wouldn't have to work too hard, and where she would make a ton of money. She is unhappy because she found out that she is wrong. Nursing is hard, and, while the money is pretty good, it isn't enough to motivate someone who finds out that they hate being a nurse. If you really have a desire to be a nurse for the right reasons, you will probably like nursing. I wouldn't listen to the friend if I was in your position. I would continue on with my life, and begin looking into going to nursing school. You will hear people painting nursing in a bad light, and trying to discourage others all the time. Don't listen to them, and don't let them interfere with your goals and dreams.

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Hey, ,

Im just about finished my BSN in psych nursing. I can tell you it is without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done in my life. I worked in factories like you and had so many jobs that sucked the life from me. I couldnt believe how rewarding nursing was. I feel lucky to be where I am. Im not sure I can give you advice regarding what to do in school etc as nursing degrees in Ireland are completely different. We do 4 years (BSN) in a specific discipline (general, psych, midwife, intellectual disability or paeds)..But ! I can tell you I often reflect of how lucky I am to be a nurse. You cant beat helping people is the way I look at it.... At the very least----------its good karma.

good luck


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Friends are supposed to be supportive, time to find a new one!

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I agree with above, I don't think she is that great of a friend. If it's your dream, then chase it. Do not let anyone else dictate otherwise.


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It is up to you to be your own support. Obviously, from reading her FB entries, you have found out that she was steering you away for some reason only known to her. Listen to your own feelings on this but only after you have done a thorough investigation on your own.


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I think she doesn't want any attention focused on you if you become a nurse..which is totally wrong but whatever it may be I would just ignore it and do what you want..Only you will be happy with your decision..you can't depend on others because what is that gonna get you? Do it if you want to.


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Sometimes people are afraid of you being more successful than them. It sounds like she's afraid you will be better at the job than she is. And it sounds like with her lack of compassion that will be the case.


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As with anything else in life, you've got to surround yourself with positive, upbuilding people that support you & your goals. Don't let someone else's negativity get in the way!

If nursing is something you truly want to do, go for it!


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Careers aren't one-size-fits-all. Just because she is unhappy doesn't mean that you couldn't be happy. There are a million factors in life, and one of which could be the cause of her unhappiness. Maybe subconsciously she just doesn't like her new town, for example.

I suggest you follow your heart, and just take her opinion for what it is- just an opinion.

You only get one opportunity to live your life.....do it without regrets!!! Go for it and start by finding a new friend. One step, one week, one test, one class, one semester at a time until you finish. That is how I'm doing it and you can do it as well...if you want it bad enough to work your butt off for it.


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I know some nurses who are like that. These are nurses who are so full of themselves and they

Focus more on bragging about their accomplishments and vacations than the patients. What's sad is that they do whatever they can to steer u away from the profession so you wouldn't be able to enjoy their luxury. Nursing is in high demand, more people are getting older and sick, thoughts like will only hurt their career in the long run.