Mandatory flu vaccines for staff

  1. How does everyone feel about the latest trends in hospital administration's demands that all nurses must receive the influenza vaccine or wear a mask the entire time they are on duty....including eating lunch!
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    Not very popular around here either, but if they would hire me, I'll let them shoot me up in a second! Gotta pick your battles carefully.
  4. by   RN47
    Line 'em up like cattle! I completely disagree with "mandatory" vaccinations. Get the shot or get out is how my employer put it. Makes me re-think my career. The front door is looking better all of the time. What's next?
  5. by   tdorsett40251
    One of our docs got Guillain Barre from the flu shot last I am definitely against mandatory flu shots.
  6. by   BittyBabyGrower
    I figure I don't want to wear a mask all winter, so I got one. Do I think we should be forced, no, but if you don't get one then you have to wear a mask. Where I work it is patient care areas only, how can you eat lunch with a mask? That is just down right stupid.
  7. by   umcRN
    not just my hospital then huh? we all have to wear yellow buttons too to signify that we got it, otherwise it's mask for you
  8. by   DixieRedHead
    How do eat your lunch with a mask on?
  9. by   Biffbradford
    I highly suggest that you all whip them the bird and head for the hills. That's absolutely ridiculous.

    Then maybe I'll have a chance at FINDING A JOB MYSELF!

    Flu shot? Sure, where - when - and how many? I'm in.

  10. by   miss_anneRN
    Quote from umcRN
    not just my hospital then huh? we all have to wear yellow buttons too to signify that we got it, otherwise it's mask for you
    :grn: OMG, you're kidding... a yellow button??
    That's about as lame as the buttons my facility gave us saying "ask me if I washed my hands".
    I can't believe the mask thing either...even if your w/o symptoms?? crazy administration folk!!

    I am now grateful that all we do is sign a form that we refused the shot, no pressure.

    I did get the shot because I like using earned time (a bank of vacation and sick time) for vacation only if possible...I do stay home if sick...but if I can avoid getting sick then i got more vacay time off
  11. by   SoundofMusic
    I hate it, and am really upset about it. This is the first year our hospital is mandating it, and is offering the option to wear the mask if you don't get a shot due to a religious or allergy exemption. I have neither .. .I just am philosophically opposed so I'm not sure what my consequences would be.

    I don't believe the science is there to support it. They say the flu shots now only offer about a 60% chance of protection. There are no long-term studies on the effects of mandatory vaccination on flu incidence ... I mean, there is just not enough information, in my opinion, to force this on any healthcare worker.

    And why would I go to work sick??? If I even felt as if I was coming down w/ something, I'd excuse myself and go home.

    I've never had a flu shot, and I've never had the flu, the entire time I've been a nurse. Everyone else on staff who gets the shot, always seems to take off a day or two due to BEING SICK or at least feeling the immunity building effects of the shot.

    I feel it's a violation of my own rights and duty as a healthcare professional, to also take care of myself in a way that I believe is right for me.

    If we are washing our hands, if we are not actively coughing, sneezing, or spitting on someone ... how can we be spreading it? Do the masks truly prevent it, then, if it's easily spread airborne through workers w/ pro-dromal symptoms? At what point are we contageous? My healthcare system does nothing to answer these questions.

    I say follow the money. Vaccines are big business, as are the reimbursements hospitals likely receive from mandating it for employees. I think the goal to reduce the flu is virtuous, but I don't feel they take OUR rights into consideration. This is a substance they are injecting in MY body ...patients have the right to refuse -- why don't I as a nurse/doc/health care professional?

    I also think the mask thing is punitive and stigmatizing, and we dont' even know if they are effective why make people wear them?

    I'm likely going to resign from my job at the end of the month. I don't care for my job too much right now, and have interviews for other jobs, so hopefully it will all turn out ok. Otherwise, I'll be out of a job right before Christmas.

    I have been doing some research, and the program I'm under is obviously being implemented through my own private sector hospital system. I'm not sure about my state laws ..but I'm going to find out.
  12. by   Screen name
    That time of year again.... Got mine this morning. I hate the idea. A lot of people I work with are totally against it. I can't afford to be fired.

    Makes me wish I was part of a union.
  13. by   sapphire18
    Don't mind the idea of a flu shot (too much), but absolutely HATE not having a choice about it without being out of a job. Oh, well. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes.
  14. by   NicuGal
    No shot equals no job here....unless you have a doctor's note, which is scrutinized by a board. They are't taking religious excuses either. Do I think it is right, no, but I always get a flu shot.