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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health... Read More

  1. by   indigo girl
    South Africa


    Quote from www.iol.co.za
    The latest report on swine flu infections from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases states that the number of confirmed infections has risen to 5 841, with 27 deaths.

    In KwaZulu-Natal, the number of confirmed cases of A(H1N1) flu had increased to 881, while the death toll remained two.

    Institute spokeswoman Nombuso Shabalala said 12 of the 27 fatal cases to date were pregnant women.

    "People with asthma; diabetes; chronic lung, kidney and heart problems; depressed immunity; or pregnant women, especially in the second or third trimester, or in the puerperal period (the six weeks following the completion of labour) must receive early treatment with antivirals if flu-like illness is present, including fever, muscle pain and a dry cough.
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    South Africa Update


    Quote from www.pretorianews.co.za
    Of the people who died, 20 were pregnant women, five of whom were HIV positive. Underlying conditions identified for the 27 other people included obesity and diabetes, which accounted for most of the fatalities, followed by HIV/Aids and hypertension.
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    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    Via Folha Online: Ministério da Saúde confirma 899 mortes por gripe suína. [Health Ministry confirms 899 swine flu deaths] Excerpt, with my translation:

    O Ministério da Saúde divulgou nesta quarta-feira um novo balanço sobre a gripe suína --a gripe A H1N1-- no país. Foram confirmados pelo órgão federal 899 mortes pela doença no país.
    The Ministry of Health reported this Wednesday a new total of swine flu deaths in the country: 899.
    O documento aponta, no entanto, que no período de 6 a 12 de setembro foram registrados 65 casos confirmados de gripe suína, contra 2.283 entre 2 a 8 de agosto. Desde 25 de abril até sábado (12), foram registrados no país 9.249 casos confirmados por exames.

    The document points out, however, that between September 6 and 12, 65 confirmed H1N1 cases were recorded, compared to 2,283 between August 2-8. Between April 25 and September 12, the country has recorded 9,249 cases.
    As mortes ocorreram em: São Paulo (327), Paraná (222), Rio Grande do Sul (148), Rio de Janeiro (84), Santa Catarina (48), Minas Gerais (24), Goiás (20), Minas Gerais (24), Mato Grosso do Sul (7), Amazonas (2), Roraima (2), Pará (2), Paraíba (2), Espírito Santo (2), Mato Grosso (2), Distrito Federal (2), Rondônia (1), Acre (1), Rio Grande do Norte (1), Pernambuco (1) e Bahia (1). Entre as vítimas, 91 eram grávidas.

    The deaths occurred in: São Paulo (327), Paraná (222), Rio Grande do Sul (148), Rio de Janeiro (84), Santa Catarina (48), Minas Gerais (24), Goiás (20), Mato Grosso do Sul (7), Amazonas (2), Roraima (2), Pará (2), Paraíba (2), Espírito Santa (2), Mato Grosso (2), Federal District (2), Rondônia (1), Acre (1), Rio Grande do Norte (1), Pernambuco (1), and Bahía (1). Among the victims, 91 were pregnant women.
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    Andhra Pradesh, India


    Quote from www.hindu.com
    According to information reaching here, Saritha of Peddapur village in Veldanda mandal in Mahabubnagar district, died at a private hospital in Hyderabad in the early hours on Thursday. Saritha who gave birth to a girl child at Kalwakurthy hospital, a few days ago, developed breathing problems and symptoms of swine flu. Doctors at Kalwakurthy referred her to Hyderabad where she died while undergoing treatment.
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    Bakersfield, California


    Quote from www.bakersfieldnow.com
    Lupe Gonzalez took her pregnant daughter, Elizabeth Faz, to Kern Medical Center after Elizabeth came down with flu-like symptoms. "She was super, super sick," said Lupe Gonzalez. "She'd throw up, she couldn't eat, she couldn't walk, she just coughed up real bad, she was hurting."

    Gonzalez said Faz was diagnosed with pneumonia and sent home. But Faz continued to feel bad and two days later went back to KMC. Again she was sent home, says Gonzalez.

    Two days later, Faz' water bag busted and it was back to the hospital. This time Faz stayed at KMC. Not due to deliver until the week of the 21st, doctors performed a cesarean and delivered a baby girl.

    After having the baby, Gonzalez says she was given news she never expected to hear. Faz was diagnosed with H1N1 virus.
    "They'd seen her there at KMC and they sent her home. That's why I'm upset," said Gonzalez.

    The 32-year-old Faz remains hospitalized and quarantined in intensive care. Gonzalez tried to see her daughter but cannot enter her room.

    "I can't even touch her, I can't even go near her," said Gonzalez. "I have to look through the window, and that hurts to see her like that."

    Kern Medical Center would not comment on the family's claims nor on the condition of Faz.

    Gonzalez said the baby girl is doing fine. "She's a beautiful little baby," said Gonzalez.
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    El Salvador


    Quote from www.flutrackers.com

    The deputy minister of industry, Violeta Menjivar, confirmed that the latest deaths correspond to a two-month baby and a pregnant teenager 16 years, who had 35 weeks of gestation.

    "We are very concerned and we sympathize with the families of the deceased and recognize two new fatalities from the virus," said the official.

    A pregnant woman died Aug. 13 in the East Hospital of San Miguel, some 125 kilometers from the capital, but his picture was complicated because it presents a critical picture of hypertension, pneumonia and severe respiratory infection,
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    Gujarat, India


    Quote from timesofindia.indiatimes.com
    Jagruti Ghanshyam Jasani, 25, a pregnant woman and resident of Varachha, died late on Saturday at New Civil Hospital. Jagruti was admitted on Wednesday and declared H1N1 positive the next day. "Jagruti was pregnant and in such condition the infection becomes more potent," said Rajeev Deb Burman, casualty medical officer.
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    Riviera Beach, Florida


    This woman survived but, her baby did not.
    Quote from www.tcpalm.com
    ...the 27-year-old former Martin County resident regained focus on her world-a world that had dramatically changed since she went to the emergency room in early July with flu symptoms.

    But, as she lay in the coma, Aubrey also lost what would have been the newest member of her family: little Parker Christine, who doctors delivered from her belly during an emergency surgery July 18.

    Because she was immobile for several weeks, her muscles have atrophied.

    Physical therapy is painful and tiring, but the therapists are encouraging. Aubrey, a South Fork High School graduate, was a competitive swimmer and weight-lifter. Her background in sports is helping her now, as she devotes about 30 minutes every day to teaching her muscles how to move again.

    Aubrey, who had been working as a waitress before she got sick, hasn't collected an income for more than two months. Bryan, who took a leave of absence from his UPS job to be at Aubrey's side while she was in a coma, has returned to work part time.

    Aubrey's former co-workers at Helping People Succeed in Stuart have collected about $1,300 to help the family get by. They're continuing to accept donations from people who want to help.
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    Quote from indigo girl
    Riviera Beach, Florida


    This woman survived but, her baby did not.

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    this is in my neck of the woods. my mom works at the hospital in martin county, she has been exposed to the swine flu (3 nurses on her unit got it!!) but she fortunately did not get sick. i did not hear about this case. how incredibly sad for that mom, my prayers are with her and her family--i cannot even imagine what they have been through.

    at any rate, i am at home on bedrest now and i am so glad i am not working anymore. i feared for my safety everytime i left the house. this stuff is spreading everywhere like wildfire, especially now that school is back open. i have also asked my boyfriend to refuse assignments of anyone with flu like symptoms and so far he has been-they tried to give him a patient with the swine flu a few weeks ago and once he told them he had a girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant at home they did allow him to switch.

    this is some scary scary stuff. thank you as always for keeping us informed, indigo girl.
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    New Delhi, India


    Quote from www.topnews.in
    The Indian capital, New Delhi also recorded a swine flu death on Tuesday.

    A 20-year-old pregnant woman died of deadly virus in New Delhi on Tuesday morning.

    She was admitted to Safdarjung hospital on September 18.
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    Dac Lac, Vietnam


    Quote from www.flutrackers.com
    A pregnant 36 weeks pregnant women in Dac Lac died in the afternoon on 25 / 9, the diagnosis of severe pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency and test results showed that patients positive for influenza A / H1N1.
    As reported by the Department of Health Dak Lak province, this new 23-year-old pregnant women residing in rural Tan Lap 2, Pon Drang commune, Krong Buk district, Dak Lak province. Patients identified 36 weeks pregnant.

    On September 20, 2009, the patient appeared symptoms unexplained fever should go to general hospitals Thien Hanh treatment without support. September 23, 2009 to 11h on patients admitted Polyclinic Dak Lak province in a state of high fever, dyspnea, cough, sore throat and was diagnosed with respiratory failure - Pneumonia due to suspected virus / 36 weeks pregnant, immediate patient treatment Tamiflu, active resuscitation, antibiotics do not improve the disease and mortality in the feedback 2h45 on September 25, 2009. In the provincial general hospital, patients are taken to test product samples, positive results for influenza A/H1N1.
  12. by   lamazeteacher
    What could "treatment without support" mean, in post # 140?

    Certainly no follow up occurred when no admission to Thien Hanh General Hospital happened; no Tamiflu given when patient first prersented; and testing for H1N1 wasn't done with results obtained in a timely manner.

    3 days later, patient turned up at a different hospital (Polyclinic Dak Lak), for reasons unknown and history of s/s during interval unexplained. It can only be assumed that they became worse, with dyspnea.

    The gestation of 36 weeks indicated that c/s would have resulted in a viable infant, though possibly ill with H1N1, yet no discussion about that was reported. This seems to be yet another example of substandard care received in rural areas, with no communication when advice about hospital admission wasn't followed.

    The tragic loss of a young mother and her baby is not acceptable when Tamiflu was available; and her circumstances were known as lacking support. It would be interesting to know how many H1N1 cases have been seen in that place, and whether the survival rate there reflects a need for better communication and follow up of patients with flu s/s, generally.
  13. by   indigo girl
    It does sound that way to me also, however, there are US cases where these young women have been sent home with pneumonia, and no Tamiflu presumably because of a negative test, only to die.

    I just returned from the CIDRAP conference in Minneapolis. One of the big points that was made was that if a woman is pregnant, and presenting with flu s/s, she needs to start Tamiflu. The test does not matter. We should be treating her as if she had swine flu. Too many have died needlessly because this is not always done.

    A South American doctor at the conference said that when Argentina made the decision to give all pregnant women scripts for Tamiflu to be filled if they developed flu like symptoms, the death rate for pregnant women with influenza immediately dropped.