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  1. Boston Launches Flu Shot Tracking! *Tracking Bracelet*

    As a "conspiracy theorist" myself, I've given up on trying to warn people about things because they just tell me I'm crazy, and then when it actually happens they pretend like I never told them. I find the bracelets disturbing on many levels, but I ...
  2. The Mystery of Random Deaths in Previously Healthy People

    I believe I may be able to help out with this one because I recently was researching moving to New Zealand (although have decided against it for various reasons). A vast majority of the housing in New Zealand is not insulated. As we know it is curre...
  3. Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises

    I don't work in the medical industry, but have been following this board out of interest in how the medical community is handling H1N1. It seems like a lot of the pregnant women who are dying are doing so after having their babies delivered via c-sec...