Disappointed but trying to move forward


Some nurses that bullied me and were let go from my old department d/t neglecting patients went to the BON and stated that I failed to protect a patient by letting her out of restraints.

First, I am so disheartened that people who perpetuate lateral violence can do this

Second, I am so disheartened that my livelihood and something that I am truly good at, nursing, could disappear from my life.

I am trying to keep the faith but my heart hurts.

Thank you for listening


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I would get a lawyer that specializes in RN licenses and the BON in your particular state. Good luck!

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Did you do or not do what they are claiming you did? Secondly, if you did do what they say you did can it be proved through your charting and or through an investigation.Thirdly, does it rise to such an offence that your license would be suspended? Just because you are reported does not mean an automatic investigation.A large number of these are never investigated and many when investigated have no merit.Sounds like these people are angry and out to get you.


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Without more specifics not sure...but is there a policy for letting someone out of restraints on a temporary trial, did you do this, or did you not do it at all? As, another poster stated I would find out more info. Who told you this, the girls themselves, manager etc., but yes you may need a lawyer to help you through this. I am sorry you have to go through this mess, I hope it works out well!!

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From what I learned in my class on legal issues in nursing, this is not something the BON should investigate. The BON is not responsible for investigating whether or not a clinical decision was correct, but instead whether or not a nurse has the capacity to make clinical decisions and be responsible for them.

Clinical decision making is rather something that you could be sued about, if harm came to the patient. Still an issue, but not a BON issue.

The BON investigates accusations of drug diversion, drug abuse, physical abuse, etc. Things that would cause a nurse to make poor decisions.

When nurses are disciplined or lose their licenses it is almost always because of drugs or alcohol. I looked at a list of nurses whose licenses were revoked in my state. Out of more than 100, only one was not due to drug/alcohol abuse. That one was patient abuse. Deciding to take someone out of restraints is not abuse, even if it turned out to be the wrong decision.

Relax. Vindictive people will not be able to get you on this. But on the off chance you do get notice of some kind of hearing, lawyer up with an experienced BON attorney.