Difficulty finding jobs Memphis


Is it just me, or other new grads experiencing difficulty with the job search. I graduate in May with my BSN and currently work as an extern at Methodist. I have sent in countless applications, but have recieved no calls and recruiters will tell me nothing!! Ughh... so frustrating!!!:confused:


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You won't be able to move up in your current area? I just finished nursing at Southwest in Dec. I put in all the usual then I put in non typical ones and thats where I got my job from at Healthsouth but they wanted me to get my license first. I suggest just keep updating ur profile on their website everytime something happens. Most recruiters want the date u r gonna take boards. Always try the Va but u may want to wait until u have a set date with them. Wells wishes and congrats. Hope I helped.


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I too graduated in December with my ADN. Waited until I was licensed to apply. Got a job in the ED 3 weeks after I started looking. Peds, L/D, and ICU are the most competitive areas so if that is where you want to go, I am sure they have been bombarded with applications. For a lot of my classmates who applied pre-licensure, calls didn't start coming until about a month after they applied. It just takes time. Patience young grasshopper!!


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Thank you! That makes me feel better. Yes, I can move up in my current area if I wish. It is just a general med/surg floor though and I don't really want to settle for that. I may end up having to settle though just so I can get my foot in the door. I guess I won't start worrying too much until after boards :)


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have you tried applying ehere you do your externing at? or tried nashville, chattanooga, or knoxville?


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I would continue applying now. I'm graduating in May also, with my direct entry MSN, and my class has 48 others who are graduating, plus all the students from Memphis, Baptist, Southwest, etc. If you wait until after boards, you will have catching up to do.

I have had three job offers, but I know others in my class are having difficulty.

Good luck!

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I must have applied to 100+ positions before I graduated. I got ONE call, and that was a mistake. The recruiter thought that I already had my RN. After I graduated, I got a job in the ED after about 3 weeks - in fact, I just blindly faxed my resume to HR on a Friday afternoon, and the ED director was calling me on Monday.