Different kinds of coworkers spin off


1) Would you rather work with a more homogenous group of coworkers where you're pretty much all cut from the same cloth of working characteristics or a varied group with all of the different personalities good and bad?

2) And how much does perception factor in? Is one person's good work ethic another's unrealistic perfectionism? Or are there reliable measurable work standards?

TriciaJ, RN

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I love working with people different from myself. People from other places, backgrounds, experiences, etc. But as far as work ethic - there has to be a basic standard. Perfectionism is okay as long as you realize you're probably going to be the only one this perfectionistic. But constantly slacking and letting other people carry you? No. Unless you're planning to give me your paycheque, I'm not happy to do your work.

By the way, slacking is a function of poor management. There's always one who will try it. When weak managers don't nip it in the bud, it becomes a cancer that affects morale and overall productivity.



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Absolutely mix it up as long as everyone plays nicely together in the sandbox!

I think a realistic perception is healthy especially when we can all realize that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that's ok because we are humans, it's really how we utilize each other as a team effectively while being able to do so with respect.

I highly value work ethic and don't necessarily agree with the PP comments about managers/slackers. You either have a good work ethic or you don't...period. Again with the strengths, weaknesses, and mutual respect here...

We have all too many measurements for work standards, meeting minimal charting requirements, doing bedside report, etc. What often makes us go above and beyond is our ability to individualize and use judgement. We've all got to have reasonable standard expectations, for ourselves and from others.

FWIW, I just worked three horrible 12 hour night shifts so what I wrote may not be as comprehensible later when I wake up and read it again :sleep:

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1) If given the choice, I prefer a group of mature and highly qualified people and a few trainees. Diversity is always a good thing to deter the formation of social cliques.

2) In a perfect world, a good manager is the moral and ethical center who demonstrates and expects a culture of good will to all.

3) The employee's attention to detail, or lack of it, should be measurable on the annual eval. Perceptions are irrelevant.