Did You Love Your Nursing School?


I was curious how many nurses are satisfied with their schooling experience (specific to becoming a nurse).

In other words, did you appreciate what your nursing school did for you?

What are the most important things that a school should provide (Top 3, maybe?)

If you could openly give your school feedback, would you?

What's the best way to rate your school, using the internet?

Thanks for all your thoughts!!


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in other words, did you appreciate what your nursing schoolgrey_loader.gif

did for you?

i have a great job with which i can support my family.

i learned enough to pass the nclex.

i made many good friends during school.

i am almost completely recession proof because of #1 (see above).

people appreciate the job i do.

i got a foundation for nursing care in school.

i have the career i have with less than $10k cost.

in a word.....yes! i am very grateful for what my nursing school has done for me.



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I hated LPN school. Got an excellent education though so all in all I guess I can't complain. It seemed to me that they held students to different standards. Doing those miserable group projects when only two of us actually lifted a finger sucked. They sort of pushed along some students and others were really put through the wringer which caused quite a bit of strife. RN school was ok but I'm so glad I'm done and would echo Jim's comments above about the end result.


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I got a BSN at Penn and it was a nice opportunity for me to understand nursing as a science. It provided me with a very well rounded education (not just learning about A&P until your eyes exploded), small classes helped the clinical instructors really understand what type of learner you are, and of course having the skill set so that you won't be scared when you encounter difficult situations. It was fun, but it was also really tough.

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I did not.

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I went to Texas Woman's University and I feel that I got a great education there. We had excellent instructors for the most part and we had very interactive rotations. But it was set up very differently than now. Our rotations were specific: psych, pedi, med surg, OR, community health, OB. Our exams were two days, each 8 hours. The test was divided into sections: medsurg, OB, Pedi and Psych, each test about 2 hours long with 250 questions each. You were graded section by section so if you failed a section, you could go back and re-test that section only. You were given three chances then you had to go back to school. It took 6 weeks to get a reply and a license.

One of the other things that helped me was that I worked as a CNA in a large hospital in Houston and rotated throughout all areas of the hospital so I was prepared for my job as an RN once I graduated. First job was as charge nurse of a 42 bed post op CV floor.


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I feel like I got a great education in general, but my clinical experience was outstanding. I went to Pitt and for the most part, I loved it. There were a couple of instructors I didn't like (and a couple I adored) and a few classes I could say the same about as well. In general though, it was a great experience and if I could go back and choose a different school I wouldn't.

I actually feel kind of bad for the nursing students who attend school near me because their clinical experience is pretty crappy in comparison to what I got. They get the basics, but I had so many more opportunities to see really interesting things and clinical in specialized areas.

There is a trade-off though, I spent a lot more on my education than if I had attended a local school. For me though, it was still a much better choice. I was a traditional student so it wasn't just about the education, I was looking for (and got) the college experience too.

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I like my nursing school. Every school has its ups and downs though. I just love learning !!!!

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I loved learning also. I didn't like test days or those first few days at a new clinical location where you didn't know who was who or what was where, but overall I liked school. We had a (mostly) nice group of instructors who wanted us to succeed. It's a ton of work but I sincerely wanted to know all that I was expected to know. I was happy to be in school, but even happier once I got out!!! Yeeee-Haaa! :yeah:

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