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  1. vcheng05

    Did You Love Your Nursing School?

    I got a BSN at Penn and it was a nice opportunity for me to understand nursing as a science. It provided me with a very well rounded education (not just learning about A&P until your eyes exploded), small classes helped the clinical instructors really understand what type of learner you are, and of course having the skill set so that you won't be scared when you encounter difficult situations. It was fun, but it was also really tough.
  2. vcheng05

    nclex test scared me

    Sorry, to clarify, I wasn't really referring to statistical favor; it was more the mindset and having not to worry about the unknown, like testing site logistics, etc.
  3. vcheng05

    nclex test scared me

    I took the NCLEX a second time yesterday after failing last time (I had 81 questions and felt horrible afterwards). But hilariously, I sat through all 265 questions this time (felt a lot better) and the jury is still out. What I found was that the second time around, I was much more confident because I knew exactly what Pearson required of me. And I actually found myself not studying more in terms of volume but a lot smarter. Particular questions asking "priority" or "first" and "symptoms" questions seemed more common sense. So, worst case scenario, even if you don't pass, the second time will totally be in your favor. :)