Did i do the right thing?


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Work in a assisted living facility. Have a resident that had AKA many years ago. Went to see her PCP Friday for upper resp infection put her on a Zpak. Got a call around 8pm Saturday resident now has 7/10 pain in her stump. Only had Tylenol stated has had this in the past and it passes. Asked if she wanted to go to ER she said no it is not that bad. I called an hour later said it was easing up alittle. Told staff to call me if it got worse.

Got a call from aide Sunday AM. Pain now 8/10. I then called PCP temp 99 pain is not from a cut on the stump but inside. He then said send her to ER.

Should I have called him Saturday night?

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I think you did right. Its assisted living with competent people able to make their own decisions -not full care. You abided by the patient's wishes by not sending them to the ED. The pain was nothing new, except this time it didnt pass and resident was sent to the ED within 24 hours. Sounds like a good thing.


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I would have done exactly as you did.

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yup, maybe did even more than your job requires? Havent worked AL....couldn't patient call the doc herself?


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Thanks. I always second guess myself. And worry. But knowing others would do the same helps. Thanks.


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She was treated at ED. Has pneumonia on a daily antibiotic and nebulizer. Family picked her up and picked up meds.


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I think you did the correct thing as well. The pain wasn't bad enough to scare/worry her and she was on an antibiotic already. You gave her the option, which , if she is competent, she could have chosen to go if she thought she needed to. Later it got worse, so you elevate actions and send the patient to the ER. All proper actions in my opinion.