Did not receive results for the CRNE :(. Thanks for ruining my life CNO :)!

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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to maybe vent a little bit. I did not receive my CRNE results, after waiting 6 weeks (we are supposed to get the results in 4 to 6 weeks) I called them and they told me that if I didn't receive them Thursday then to call them Friday and have them resent. So it is Thursday and no results. All my classemates have them and I still do not. The CNO is unwilling to help me, I still must call them tomorrow and things are just so disasterous. I am very angry, I have a lot of hate now for the CNO. This isn't the first time I feel like I have been screwed over by them. They seem so unwilling to help and so cheap! Like, they can't invest the extra money to make this mail REGISTERED to ensure that the recipient receives it?! We pay 600$ to write this exam, then give them 230$ to register, and they just throw our results in the mail as if it was just a boring leter or something, not something that someone's entire life depends on! My housing, car payments, insurance payments, FOOD and MEDICINE to live are dependant on that letter and weather I pass or fail and they just have complete disregard for letting me know. They won'T even tell me over the phone even though MY FUTURE EMPLOYMENT DEPENDS ON THE ANSWER. How an organization that is supposed to be comprised of such a compassionate and understanding breed of professionals is so further from their own values and morales is beyond me. This organization is disgusting, and to be rude to me after being so patient with them and not even being rude to them is just uncalled for! They just like to kick people when they are down, which is so terrible! They of all people should know how violent a profession nursing is, with nurses being harassed by nurses and all this horizontal violence that exists in the profession, well when nurses' own regulatory body displays these opressive and degrading characteristics, how the hell do they expect us to not lash out at each other when no matter who we turn to everyone seems to be so violent.

I am not speaking out of anger, I am speaking out of complete defeatment (it's actually a word!), hopelessness and sorrow. I am just sitting at home, thinking of all the days of missed work I have had because of being constantly anxious, anticipating my reuslts and not getting them, the fact that I am so indebted in fiscal debt that I can't even afford to live right now, my car is completely broken down for the 6th time in 3 months and I can't afford to have it fixed, I have a job offer that has the ability to save me but I can't even take it because the CNO is unwilling to help me. And I just kept telling myself by today, I would know whether or not I passed and it would tell me what my next steps need to be in continuing, but no. I can't put my life on hold but that is exactly what the CNO is making me try and do. I've applied for non-nursing jobs with like little to no luck, so it's not like I am being unreasonable. And it's so aggrevating when I have this job offer and I can'T even say whether or not I can do it. It's just ... a terrible feeling. I hate the CNO and I really hope that they are taken away and replaced by a more active and able organization.


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that's really depressing... :no:

I'm not familiar with CNO. Did you ask if you can go to their office with identification and get your results?

I know this is so hard, our futures rely on this test and waiting sucks.


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I can't even imagine how frustrated you are :( Hang in there, and hopefully they get their **** sorted out soon


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St Claire, I think he is Canadian. I have seen the term CNO in research articles from Canadian Nurses. So the CNO equals our NCSBN and the CRNE equals NCLEX.


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did you get your result finally?

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Hey! Thanks for the encouragement guys :)!!

And fairy_c, no I haven't :(. I called them Friday and they FINALLY agreed to resend them. I am having them sent to my friend's business office, with the thinking that mail delievered to businesses is more secure than mail being thrown in a mailbox that anyone on the street can just look through. *Crosses fingers*.


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You will be fine, steven007! God bless you!

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Passed!! =D So greatful! Thank you everyone for your support :).

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Congrats Steven007!



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I don't have my results yet too :( been waiting for more than a month now. It's so frustrating how they seem to not care at all how some people don't have their results yet.

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