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Did I pass NCLEX??

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I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday and it shut off at 75. The first 40 or so questions I had maybe 6 select all that apply then towards the end it would go back and forth with a select all that apply and multiple choice. The multiple choices I was certain were right would follow with a select all that apply so I feel as though the select all that apply were passing level questions. Then the last two were select all that apply and it shut off!

I'm to terrified to do the trick, just praying and hoping to see my license number monday. I feel as if I had failed the sata questions it would have kept the test going past 75 right??


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Good luck

You probably passed... remember, when you're above that "line" on their grading scale, you can get some questions wrong and still pass, you just have to stay above the line as it averages itself. as you were bouncing between sata and multiple choice, you were probably getting some satas wrong, then it would go to a mc that you got right, then would bounce back to a sata, and so on.

sounds like a good sign! congrats in advance!!

Got my unofficial results just now that I passed!!!!