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Did I pass the NCLEX?

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Hi all, I took the boards today. Down with a terrible headache just thinking 'bout how it all went down. Infection control, lots of prioritization and "who do you assess first" questions, few select all that apply as well. Had settled in for 265 questions when it shut down at 129. On all kaplan, ATI comprehensive prep tests etc, I been able to keep my scores above 65% going in except for one or two 62 and 63s. I must say this though, the nclex-rn board exams is nothing like all those prep tests out there. It certainly was challenging! At 129 questions? What do y'all think? Thanks

Only took it today so results won't be available till another two days. Whats the PVT trick? Do not know how to go about it.

Really do hope I make it. The waiting game would be painfully difficult to bear nonetheless

I PASSED THE BOARDS!! Still yet to believe this is all real... everything's yet to sink in, way too exhausted to celebrate... so many emotions.. Just want to say thanks to all the nurses on the blog here for your support. Finally got my wings... now I can fly.

Cyrille. MPH, BSN, RN

congratulations to you... i also just found out that i passed nclex and i can feel you. Go ahead and fly,,, we shall meet in the airs.

Thanks to those who explained the pearsonvue trick... i can confirm to everyone who is in doubt, that the trick works. cheers.

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You are 1000% right. The PVT works without a shadow of a doubt. I was a skeptic because I knew that I FAILED the exam 1000% but when I went home, I did the PVT and got the good popup. Waited EXACTLY 49 Hours later and it said I PASSED. So it doesn't LIE. Thanks for everybody's input.

PVT trick?? anyone want to help... so anxious and sick,feel like I failed. Is this a possible way of finding out sooner?? thanks !

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PVT trick?? anyone want to help... so anxious and sick,feel like I failed. Is this a possible way of finding out sooner?? thanks !

There is a big thread discussing PVT just check it out. PVT is just a peace of mind, if your state participates in quick results you can use that and get unofficial results however official results will come from your state board of nursing

ok I see that you all are saying that you passed with 75 questions ...ok I got 75 questions but PVT didn't work and I didn't get the pop up,,,,I've been crying all day... I really thought that I did well and this really doesn't make sense... failing with 75 questions means that my competency is really low.. how can it be possible...:(( can you guys tell me whether you tried the PVT and it was true and worked or not...

i just took my nclex yesterday...i tried the pvt and got "the good pop up" i really hope the trick works,i wnt find out until tom...fingers crossed

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