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Did I make the right decision?


Hey guys, well first things first. I was a young mother and had my first child and then got pregnant again while earning my degree. They are my world. But my problem is their dads don't help out enough and I've been in a financial bind close to filing backruptcy for years. I've been a nurse for a little over 12 months and only making 23/hr which is great if I could make all my bills. After searching for a part time job I came across travel nursing and found one making 1295/week and went ahead and put my notice in at work and signed the contract. Now I'm having fillings of regret. I have terrible anxiety. My mom will be keeping my girls for me while I'm gone and I'm coming back on my days off because my assignment is 3 hours from home. I guess I'm looking for some reassurance I made the right decision. I'll make more money and the health insurance is cheaper. I just feel like I'll miss my job because I got off the weekends and got long vacations and now I feel like it won't be like that as a travel nurse. Was it worth the sacrifice?

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It's only worth it of you have a goal, paying off debt, and you follow through with fulfilling that goal....

It is tough for a single mom but you might consider relocating in the future. Pick an area with relatively high pay with lower housing costs. Often 50 miles away from a large well paying city does it. The west coast, mid-Atlantic, and the northeast all are target rich.

The reason I suggest this is because permanent jobs have better benefits, better family health insurance, and paid time off to deal with inevitable family emergencies. You will also be a daily part of your children's life.

The big issue of course is that without a partner, childcare is tough.

Taking care of my children, is always the best decision for me. No matter how hard a struggle it is, don't go to the job and sit and be miserable, look at it as your way out and to a better future. I worked at a summer camp for 12 weeks, without a home to go to after camp was over. I didn't worry my children, I just worked to get it right

I think you are brave and have made a wise decision….those who stay in their comfort zone don't get anywhere ;) and you have two kids and are a single mother? WOW be proud!!! you are an awesome hardworking and daring person not willing to stay stagnant. I commend your willingness to move forward.

I think feeling anxious is normal….as so am i at this time…i just got a new prn job that requires travel …and i am in FNP school….not sure if i should go forward with it because my goal is to work about 5 days a month….just to help my husband with mortgage…but he makes over 100,000 so I don't' have to work but I guess something his in my blood to work…lol I feel more productive..I don't have children and have a lot of free time even in fnp school!!!! But for years I wanted prn because the pay is more....at $37/hr…so its tempting..not sure what to do