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I am a PICU nurse with 7 years of experience (6 years PICU) and recently accepted a travel position after 6 years at the same hospital. I decided to apply for some permanent positions as I'm not sure traveling is for me and I got several calls back. One phone interview went particularly well and I spoke to the manager for almost an hour and a half on the phone. She invited me to the unit to shadow and for a peer interview which I did today. I was supposed to stay the entire shift but after several hours and the peer interview she called me into her office and told me the panel decided I wasn't a good fit for the unit. I was very upset and disappointed as I thought everything went really well. Even the nurse I was shadowing made a comment after I told her saying "I wish they had asked me". I asked the manager for feedback and all she said was they didn't like some of your answers to their questions, although she didn't sound positive on her response to me. I feel very defeated. Any insight anyone can offer? Would it be wrong to email the manager and one other person who interviewed me (another manager) and ask for constructive feedback? I appreciate any info anyone can provide. Thanks!


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I would want to know. Although they may not tell you the truth now. It cant hurt to ask now they are not going to hire you. You may want to think about the interview. Did they look at each other while you talked? Look uncomfortable? Did you answer inappropriately?

If the manager said they did not like the answers then that's probably what it was. You may have left them with doubt and uncertain about some thing about yourself that they did not think they would like to work with you.

I would call them, they may give you some sort of answer. You should have asked the manager right when they admitted it was the answer to the questions, they might have told you what you said that left them doubting.

Maybe its a blessing that they did not hire you. They disliked you right out of the gate and it may be a nightmare of a place to work for all you know. Ive had that happen to me before where my personality of being a stickler for the rules/regulations made my job be in jeopardy every day because management wanted things done another way to save money and make themselves look good, and other places loved me for it. So you never know, they were probably doing you a favor.


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Please don't take it personal. It could be that something as simple as coming off as arrogant when all you were really trying to do is portray confidence. It could be that you were better looking than the panel or maybe another candidate was all ready placed in mind due to connections. I wouldn't even ask unless it was killing me softly.

If you must ask, take the time to thank panel/manager for considering you for the position and state that you will continue to search out other travel opportunities and that you'd appreciate any specific feedback regarding the failure to grasp the position.

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I hate those peer review things. I have been on both ends and there is no way an interviewer can really learn about you or how you work. For one thing, the candidate is always on "best behavior". Unless that is categorically ridiculous, how can I judge what you will be like in real life? Second, am I a good judge? As for your situation, call the manager and explain you would like to grow from this situation and ask for the truth. She might be more forthcoming over the phone. If not, maybe HR will intervene for you. So sorry this happened

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And sometimes, right in the middle of your shadowing, the powers that be actually co-ordinate and communicate, and lo and behold realize that for whatever reason, they are hiring someone from within seeking a transfer. Or someone wants to go full time from per diem. Or multitude of internal administrative decisions that have not one thing to do with you. And instead of looking foolish for wasting your time, or admitting that someone dropped the ball, they come up with "eh, someone didn't like your answers" or some other vauge reason . This is a good thing. To work in a facility that has such poor communication skills would not be easy.

You are an experiericed nurse. Travelling is not for everyone. Best of luck in your endevours.

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It could be that they didn't like you hair....your shoes didn't match your purse...their best friend applied for the job..you were smarter then the interviewers. I hate these peer review interviews for it is always the "popular" girls ....it feels like pledging to a sorority...was this at the facility you left for a traveling position? maybe your old unit is spiteful and angry you left.

If you have been working there for the agency as a traveler...I'll bet they found out they would have to pay the agency to hire you....even if the specific time period has passed that you can go there as staff.

I know it's hard.....but most of the time it isn't personal ...per se.