Did you ever get the diarrhea while in the middle of an important procedure?

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It happened to me while driving a schoolbus. Needless to say, I remained seated until the end of my trip, and then rushed home. I lived only about a half mile from work at the time.:imbar


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Fran, you come up with the craziest stuff !!! :chuckle

And, uh.. yeah...... it happens to me a LOT ! When I gotta go, Buddy... I gotta GO !!! Scary feeling. I know it all too well.

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Gotta keep the laughter going somehow.:D I don't feel good if I'm not laughing, and I just looooove to feeel goooooood!;)


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Yes. I had been fine and dandy, but while i was trying to relocate a woman's urethra during the always-sterile cath insertion, the urge hit. I somehow managed to finish the cath, then fly down the hall to the rarely-used bathroom. :imbar

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I believe this is called "Irritable Bowel Syndrome"!! Haven't had it lately, but before I retired things were pretty tense, and it used to hit just about everyday I worked. Kept plenty of Imodium handy.

:o :( YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!:imbar :angryfire


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That, and my teeny tiny bladder are the only reasons I wouldn't want to work in surgery. :eek:


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I suffer from IBS and while I don't recall ever having a diarrhea attack while doing a procedure, I do remember when I worked long term care as the night nurse we were required to do all the am suppositories to the residents not having bowel movements, well it never failed going and popping in all those suppositories sure made me need to poop, and quick like. lol

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The power of suggestion LOL!!!:roll

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Speaking of the power of suggestion.......I have to pee every time I even THINK about catheterizing someone! It all started back in my first LTC job, where there was this lady resident who had to be straight-cathed twice a day.......at two PM, and two AM. (She picked those times herself.) It never failed: I could have just finished my break and taken care of business, but when it came time to prepare for Pearle's cath, I always had to go again

This odd habit has stuck with me throughout my career thus far, creating some awkward moments when I've told patients, "I need to put a catheter in to drain your bladder" and then had to make a mad dash for the loo!:eek:

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