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Did anyone fail Simclex and found it to be accurate to the NCLEX?


Hey guys, a lil' background, I've been studying the NCLEX for about 1.5 months now. I take it in 3 days. I got through my entire qBank on UWorld (76th percentile, got 60% of the questions correct, didn't have $$ to pay for the assessments.) I'm kind of in the process now where I'm just practicing questions. I decided to do the trial for NURSING.com and take the Simclex. I took one Simclex exam today and failed, only getting 68/130 questions correct. It was.... incredibly discouraging for me. I thought I've improved a lot on answering questions and doing well and to read the words that I was not likely to pass the NCLEX kinda messed me up. Has anyone failed Simclex and passed the NCLEX? Did anyone find Simclex similar? Thanks in advance.