Did anyone fail Simclex and found it to be accurate to the NCLEX?


Hey guys, a lil' background, I've been studying the NCLEX for about 1.5 months now. I take it in 3 days. I got through my entire qBank on UWorld (76th percentile, got 60% of the questions correct, didn't have $$ to pay for the assessments.) I'm kind of in the process now where I'm just practicing questions. I decided to do the trial for NURSING.com and take the Simclex. I took one Simclex exam today and failed, only getting 68/130 questions correct. It was.... incredibly discouraging for me. I thought I've improved a lot on answering questions and doing well and to read the words that I was not likely to pass the NCLEX kinda messed me up. Has anyone failed Simclex and passed the NCLEX? Did anyone find Simclex similar? Thanks in advance.

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I also failed my SIMCLEX on the first try but passed with 75 questions on the second try the next day. My NCLEX is scheduled for this week. How did it go for you?


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UWorld is supposedly harder than the NCLEX and it looks like you're doing really good. I'm sure you'll pass. GOOD LUCK! 

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hey I failed 2 simclex atb75 questions and I have a really low ranking on UWorld.  My NCLEX is on April 28th any advice?

I don't think I will pass