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  1. OR residency

    Nope Im working in an outpatient facility kinda gave up on that for now
  2. OR residency

    No one answered your question ⁉️ damn Im in the same boat
  3. hey I failed 2 simclex atb75 questions and I have a really low ranking on UWorld. My NCLEX is on April 28th any advice? I don't think I will pass
  4. NCLEX Passed Cut off at 88 questions

    what were your quiz scores and mock exam scores on I am using the NCLEX feature on there. I keep scoring the 50s on the foucsed quizzes and my NCLEX is at the end of NEXT month
  5. I try to spend an hour in rationales from old quizzes , second hour take new quizzes and third hour watch videos on weak hour and I repeat... Good luck on your test!
  6. 3 hrs 6 days a week and I follow a 12 week study plan from purchased I do 50-75 questions a day
  7. Studying for the NCLEX-RN

    mark klimek and nursing .com are good for content. Also UWorld is popular
  8. I attended BMCC...I struggled through out the program and I feel inferior as far as content. I have simple, and listened to Mark Klimek. They are helpful and I wish knew about Mark Klimek earlier. However I am getting like ...
  9. BMCC Spring 2020 Applicants

    so when is the acceptance letter due? because campus is closed all weekend...... i hope it's not when she goes back to work which is Monday then I'm scanning early. on campus
  10. BMCC Spring 2020 Applicants

    I got the call around 9:46 for the evening!!!!!! wuuuuuuu!!! my 3.83 average saved my a**!
  11. BMCC Spring 2020 Applicants

    I applied for the night program hope I get in
  12. BMCC Spring 2020 Applicants

    I got a 76% on my Kaplan but hopefully my 3.83 prerequisites average saves my a**. the grammar and science killed me ?
  13. BMCC Fall 2019

    I know this is an old thread but I have a very important question about the program. If one is taking microbiology in the fall is she allowed to take Kaplan exam same semester for spring 2020 also I'm. going for the night program and I'm confused ab...
  14. Bmcc nursing spring 2019 applicant

    I'm applying for spring 2020 evening program as well. I'm taking bio 426 this summer any advice?
  15. I change the diapers of disabled kids

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