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Dickies brand scrubs?

by LittleJ LittleJ (New) New

Does anyony have any experience with the Dickies brand for scrubs? I am looking for different scrubs for my clinicals because the ones I bought through my school (I think they buy them in bulk from Costco) don't wash up well (look un professional after 2 washes,) and they're way too long, I need short sizes.

I've noticed they're a little more costly than some brands, but they look pretty comfortable/nice. Opinions?

I just bought my first Dickies brand scrubs last month. I got two pair of pants, and four or five tops. So far have worn all once or twice and washed twice. Like the fit and the way they wear. Haven't noticed shrinkage or fading. However, I don't like the price. I don't like to pay that much for uniforms. I bought them at a Life uniform shop at the mall. Normally, I get the sale items from one of the catalogs, Uniform City or Jasco. Won't be buying from Jasco anymore since they merged with another company. I just don't like to waste money on uniforms. I would rather have more items for less cost. It would be an entirely different matter if I had a job where I had to dress nicely, like needing business suits for the courtroom or something like that. For that type of career I wouldn't mind the money issue. (Presumably, I'd be making enough to afford a nice wardrobe.) JMO

ChristineN, BSN, RN

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I love Dickies scrubs! As a petite nurse, I find Dickies has more junior sizes than some brands. I have worn both their tops and pants and have been very pleased with both.

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i like dickies scrubs alot! i'm short and their pants fit me really well. a couple of tops i have that are dickies fit really well too but have faded in the wash with only a few washes. they are very expensive but some places offer them on sale from time to time!

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