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I'm currently the DON of an 11-bed chronic unit. One I didnt apply for at that. Hired for acutes but got stuck in a chronic unit when they fired the previous DON. Been 1 1/2 years now!! Anyway, we... Read More

  1. by   Lacie
    Well I tried to speak to the administrator about issues and she really dropped the ball in an email she sent to me. Not being computer savy she didnt realize the email was attached to a previous one she had sent to the secretary on a list of things she wanted checked for upcoming state inspectors. The email had stated "This should really set Lacie off, LOL!" When I approached her about it and the other issues and I did this very professionally, her response was "I'm the boss and can say what I want when I want". I just said Ok, walked behind her as she was at my desk on my computer and pulled out my 30 day resignation. I told her I'm stepping down as manager, and would work the floor. I didnt tell her as soon as I secure another job I'm out entirely as I have to work and need my insurance at the moment due to some health issues. With my luck of late she probably comes to this board LOL. The only real delay in finding another job is everyone does everything electronically anymore so that takes alittle time and I cant be without a job. Now she's trying to be the Jeckyll and Hyde role being nicey nice. yeck, just sends shivers down my spine. I did tell her that when the phone rings anymore I just cringe that it's her. The more I do the more she demands and the more it seems it's not good enough. The thing is when I got dumped into the position the previous manager had things over 6 months behind and even the saline in the emergency box was a year outdated so I had a heck of a mess to clean up. I just cant continue as manager and floor nurse. I have yet to have a paperwork day this month and wants me to do everything in the clinic on my day off which I'm not getting anyway. Whats really funny is Friday I get a voicemail from a nursing recruiter wanting to speak to me about opportunities at a great clinic in my area. ROFLMAO it was for my clinic!!!! I know she finally broke down to try the permanent placement recruiters but I cant wait any longer the hours are killing me and I wont be disrespected by anyone much less an administrator too. I would never speak to my pcts that way so why should I accept her doing so. I cant tell you how relieved I felt. Now I'm afraid she will follow her usual pattern of terminating me as she has done all her previous staff. Its difficulty to work with an administratior who feels she has to be constantly in the middle of day to day operations even to how the alarms are answered lol.
  2. by   nursingisok
    you're nuts. lol
  3. by   Lacie
    Not nuts, realistic as bills to pay and 2 households to support as the sole provider. Sometimes you do what ya gotta do.
  4. by   3cdn1usa
    I was in a similar situation a couple years ago. I woke up one morning, decided I am quitting today. Arrived at work typed it out. Placed a phone call to a travel agency, got a 13wk contract in less than 4hrs with practically triple the money, NO beaucratic bull dodo! Should've done it sooner!
  5. by   Tish88
    I hope you kept the email. I would be forwarding it to her superior or the corporate office and then see who gets the last laugh. That behavior is so unprofessional and unacceptable.
    You should not be treated and "abused" this way with those working conditions - you have to look out for yourself first!
    Good Luck to you.
  6. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from 3cdn1usa
    I was in a similar situation a couple years ago. I woke up one morning, decided I am quitting today. Arrived at work typed it out. Placed a phone call to a travel agency, got a 13wk contract in less than 4hrs with practically triple the money, NO beaucratic bull dodo! Should've done it sooner!
    It doesn't happen like that any more- dialysis travel jobs are very hard to come by these days.
  7. by   Lacie
    Well I spoke with the Dr involved today (also is our Medical Director) and he flat out told me the administrator "lied" that he had not called her nor was he angry in fact he was glad to get them done at once and out of the way. Also of all things she is the one who gave him the files he reports!!!!!! His exact words were he has worked with her 3 years at another facility and 6 at this one and states she is "just mean and nasty. That she has ran off a many very good nurse in the years I've known her". I told him I was stepping down and he explained he understood. The more I thought about it I recalled her having the files in her arms the last CQI meeting when she was speaking to him LOL. I was floored!! I now know I have made the right decision and time to get out of Dodge! I'm just afraid she will do me like the last manager before I can secure another job. She gave her option of resigning or being terminated. Of course the last manager took the resignation in lieu of loosing all her pto time accurred. Like me I have over 180 hours due!! I found out this has been a pattern with the last 3 managers.:angryfire I also fall under ADA criteria with Veteran disabilty and she knew it would be difficult for me on the floor 4-6 days aweek as the only RN when she hired me. One of reasons I left chronics to go to acutes but got stuck here. Hate to say it but if so I may have to lawyer up later if she does. I have never called in sick, never missed one day of work in 16 months and never had a write up of any sort. But live in a "no fault state" which stinks.
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  8. by   Valerie Salva
    Good luck to you. Please get a lawyer if you think it would help. I worked for a similar boss, and I was so glad when I quit. another employee sued to be paid for all the PTO she had- an won.
  9. by   Lacie
    Today was my very last day!!! And soon as I left the only per diem RN they had left also resigned. They have no RN and the manager from the sister clinic will have to fill in until they can get someone else. Of course it's a 1 1/2 hour drive for her one way. But you know I cant even describe how good I feel to have all the bs off my shoulders although I am now without a job. No job is worth sacrificing your health over. I also got to say my peace before I left with her shaking her finger in my face over a pct making a work comp claim. The very last words to my boss was "Please get your finger out of my face and learn some respect" Wow do I feel great today!!!!
  10. by   Tish88
    Good for you and good luck with the job search!
    You watch, the manager will probably have agency workers in there real quick!
  11. by   Valerie Salva
    Good for you, Lacie!

    Your mgr is screwed now, ha ha!

    I'll probably be getting an email about a "great new dialysis travel opportunity!"

    There are more travel jobs out there now for interim chronic unit mgr positions than there are for reg staff nurses.
  12. by   Lacie
    Lol oh yes she is!! She hired a new RN who has worked 1 year in Acutes and never has worked a Chronic unit as the new manager and her friend who also has never been in a chronic unit. Staff already called me to tell me how the day went. Can you imagine. She didnt know how to draw up machine heparins and also allowed blood to travel down the who. Was 30min late so patients were in uproar then left for mcdonalds for her breakfast break. How long do you think that will last LOL. Anyway I am so relieved I went to the beach today and layed on my duff with a big smile needless to say. Pretty much decided I'm not going to stay in dialysis after this experience. My health and sanity much more important.
    The real kicker is last friday a recruiter called about a new opening in my area for a full time staffer , it was for my clinic LOL!!!!!!
  13. by   Tish88
    Who is orienting the acute nurse to the clinic?
    She leaves to go to breakfast - was there still a RN in the building?
    Did you work for a privately owned dialysis unit or one of the "big" nationwide ones?