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  1. Critical pay at Fresenius Medical Care

    when your manager closes the clock, he/she is to add the different differentials such as critical needs, float pay, preceptor pay and the amount of hrs, charge to the appropriate unit prior to closing. He/she can complete a timecard adjustment and fa...
  2. Not Sure What to Do...Fresenius Nurses?

    You can ask for a copy of the assessment. It is pretty interesting reading it.
  3. dialysis nursing schedule

    I make out the schedue for my 30 stn unit. Right now my nurses alternate 4 and 5 days a wk as we are down one rn right now. cchts.. i have 2 that want 5 days a wk, but most are 4 days a wk. nocturnal is only 3 nights a wk ( 1 rn, 2 cchts). i try not...
  4. nurses doing tech duties

    How many of you fellow RN's work with nurses thast do not know how to string the machine, initiate and terminate txs? I am flabberghasted that some do not know the basics....just wondering:confused:
  5. How long to train an RN to be a tech?

    I expect a nurse to know how the string, initiate and terminate a tx. Not that you would be doing it everyday and have a pod, but call outs do happen and workloads get shifted if no one can come in and help.
  6. Need Dialysis RN feedback

    Renal123, OMG!!!! like you guys said before, this happens everyday in pretty much every unit!! We can't help those that don't want to be helped. I can't believe you were fired for this. I am sure there are progress notes on their non-compliance. Did...
  7. Dialysis nursing

    I would do a walk in. When I was a manager, I was told to always accept a nurse resume as we are not as easy to find as oppose to a tech. If I didn't need one I would then talk with one of my sister units in need. Now that was in 2007. I do see CMs t...
  8. Codes in outpt HDU's???

    The last code I was involved in seemed to be textbook. Everything went exactly how it should. AND had a good outcome. He walked in got his bp cuff on, standing pressure good....then BAM full cardiac arrest. Had a wonderfull knowledgeable team. Even ...
  9. Gaining stability and experience

    As a float RN in a region, I enjoy the change. I cannot see doing that as a new RN esp new to dialysis. I have done acutes, charge and manager before being a travel nurse, then started floating. Every unit does the same thing a little different. Just...
  10. Pregnant Dialysis Pt

    How many have had a pregnant dialysis pt? This is my second pt and I was just curious on how other have gone about pt care. The first baby is doing well and is almost 4yrs old now. We dialyze her 6days a week for 3hrs.
  11. Bundling came in and the lay-offs have started

    I am seeing the CMs working the floor 3-4 days a wk, kick out the CCHTs and RNs as fast as you can just to meet TAP. Despite that one unit was still over by 6hrs. How can that be? That CM was there 7days trying to work the floor and managerial stuff....
  12. My company is being taken over by DaVita what to expect

    Expect a headache and belittling. Only the Davita way of things is the "right way" You will be looked down on. Just my experience, not nessarily others during the Gambro buyout a few years ago.
  13. Moving to NC, will FMC keep my NYC Pay

    Davita used to when I worked with them years ago. We had a well paid tech from CA move to NC and kept it all! Let us all know what FMC does. They should and our area in NC needs RNs badly!
  14. Why are dialysis nurses paid less?

    I know it has been many years since I did acutes, but we were contract employees. We did not work for the hospital but for a dialysis company ( I was with Gambro- tells you how long ago)We were only to give meds that pertained to dialysis i.e EPO, ze...
  15. Dialysis electronic medical record system.

    Hey there! After working with the gambro/davita systems, fresenius felt like I went back in time:dzed:. It would be nice if we could actually review homemeds, enter medication changes( both home and incenter without going into proton), enter comp not...