Home dialysis?

  1. My MIL is most likely facing dialysis (again) and she's not looking forward to it. She had a kidney transplant from a living blood relative 13 years ago and it's not doing well. Creatinine is creeping up, GFR dropping, and it's not looking good. She swears that her friend gets dialysis at home three days a week. Is this a thing? She lives up north and refuses to drive on the icy roads and get out in the cold, so if they could come to her that would be amazing and she'd be much more compliant. Thanks! (I know, I know, no medical or legal advice can be given on here, but this is a general question).
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    She should speak with her nephrologist about alternative modalities. Peritoneal and Home Hemodialysis are options depending on the patent and their situation. It will generally require some degree of time in center for training and access maturation.
  4. by   T-Bird78
    Thanks. I don't even know if there's a dialysis facility near her that offers the home option, but she's still in the hospital for at least a few more weeks.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    In our neph practice, pts don't start out in home-hemo as their access needs to be stable (permanent access not a PC) and there is training involved as well as possible home preparation ie check the water system, space for supplies, etc.

    However, would PD be an option?
  6. by   GeauxNursing
    Staff assisted hd. I'm an lvn and i go to the patient's house to do their treatment. It is a real thing.
  7. by   GeauxNursing
    The machine belongs to the company but stays at the house. All supplies delivered.
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  8. by   traumaRUs
    Correct staff assist is available - however, not available to be covered by all insurance plans.
  9. by   Twinmom06
    I'm acute staff but we do have a home hemo pt that comes in when he's sick. His wife is an RN and cannulates him. He lives in a remote area and this is better for he and his wife.