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Hello. I am an RN that is currently employed by Renal Care Group. Today we just learned that Fresenius Medical Care has bought out all of RCG's stock and they are taking us over. We were a privately... Read More

  1. by   sharlenarn
    I have just started training at Fresenius as a new hire RN. I am an experienced nurse, but let me tell you . .this is a completely different arena for me compared to the ER/hospital. The training so far has been excellent, and I like the advantage of relocating in the future if I desire . .they have many clinics. I did not receive a bonus . .they must have done away with that . .and no contract of employment. So far, everyone who has greeted me has been professional and polite. I don't see any warning signs here . .will update you on my status in the coming months. Food for thought . . recently it has come to my knowldege that Davita is playing dirty . .sending their nurses to Fresenius as prospective employees to be trained, then leaving after training. Very dirty handed . .I would not work for them. This is a testament to the quality of Fresenius training . .will keep you posted on my progress.
  2. by   MyLove4FL
    First to the New Grad who wants to go straight into Dialysis, hmmmm...not a good idea in my opinion. I firmly believe new grads need no less than 6 months to a year at minimum of Med/Surg experience before moving onto other specialties. Not only will it help you gain the experience that will only help you in this career but will even help you decide which specialty you really may want to branch off to or even stay in. You will be more prepared if you get a New Grad opening on a Med/Surg unit. Trust me once you're out of the hospital setting it is easy to forget or become rusty with your Nursing skills. So, get the 1 yr Med/Surg exp. and don't let your nursing school skills go to waste.

    As for Fresenius, I am NOT impressed with this company at all!!! I recently resigned because the pay just wasn't cutting it for me, I adore my patients but if I can't make ends meet then it doesn't do anyone any good. They are HUGELY cheap in their hourly rates(my fault for even accepting a job, but I wanted to learn a new skill, so in the end it wasn't worth it), cheap with what they allow us to do to help patients and patients even see this but complaining or making any sort of recommendations was never considered by upper mgt. I've never worked in a facility that hires so many family members that work side by side, get away with whatever they want but if you dare stick up for yourself and try to be the advocate for yourself and or the patients they think you're just a complainer. HELLO people, aren't we here to HELP the sick. Chronic or not, they need our help. If Fresenius can spend millions and millions to buy all these companies out then where is the share to show their employee's they care & respect them as well as the patients. Come on, all some patients wanted were tv's that worked, or chairs that didn't fall apart or adhesive tape remover so they don't have so much gunk on their skin or caths or even better dressings to cover their catheters. I could go on and on about this company but the fact is I would NEVER EVER refer a friend, family member or another nurse/tech to this company. They say their new motto is to bring back the Nursing part to Dialysis and make the units more RN friendly, yeah good luck!!! They give more power to the PCT's than the RN's so they wonder why most units are tech run units. Whatever!!! Their benefits suck too. Expensive and costly even as a single it's expensive so if you have a family then I can't imagine the costs.
    So, to those seeking employment in Dialysis, I would not recommend Fresenius.
  3. by   nursesRock86
    I am currently employed as charge nurse for fmc and am thinking about doing travel nursing. Anybody here know of good travel nursing agencies specially for new york? I am sick and worn out working at the same place.
  4. by   nursesRock86
    With regards to working for Fmc, I honestly would not recommend anybody to work full time. Most especially if you're an rn! There's always a staff shortage and if you happen to work with an incompetent manager then good luck to you. Don't get me wrong, I love working with some of the staff and my patients are awesome. But it's the BS within the whole company that frustrates me and all the other rns that I work with. We are pretty much expected to do everything and if the techs are not doing what they're supposed to do then it's on us! I could go on talking but I'm sure everybody knows what I mean.
  5. by   MyLove4FL
    Amen to that one girl!!! lol lol I totally know what you are saying!!!
  6. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from nursesRock86
    I am currently employed as charge nurse for fmc and am thinking about doing travel nursing. Anybody here know of good travel nursing agencies specially for new york? I am sick and worn out working at the same place.

    I am a dialysis traveler and the jobs for me have really dried up in this economy. Some travel agencies I've worked with are not even handling dialysis nurses any more.
    It's not a good time to become a dialysis traveler if you have a steady job.
  7. by   evp rn
    I have worked at a FMC unit where there was a LPN, and the LPN works as a tech. However, she also assisted the nurse with taking orders from the docs, giving po meds, and helping with catheters. It just depends.
  8. by   gkai
    I recently heard of a past or maybe current Zemplar policy at FMC in cases where the prescribed dose is less than 5mcg and the RN is using a 5mcg vial, requiring that the RN use the remainder of the vial on another patient and then bill the vial two times instead of once. Didn't sound right to me. Anyone heard of something like that?
  9. by   sissib
    Keep in mind the new federal reg's for incenter chronic hemodialysis. That will now drive the "$ meaning more than Pt care" that is now happening all over the country now. Some units are encouraging pts to go home hemo, because the dialysis centers can make more profit. I worked in a non profit facility and they were even talking to pts about home hemo. They are now dialyzing more pts than ever in their history. I love dialysis and plan on traveling someday and hope there is still a market for that. If you like dialysis, just hang in there and see what happens, go with the flow. Jobs are not a plentiful as it may seem.
  10. by   Cindy 17
    I had a interview with them last week they pay that they offered me was good the only thing was they took blood for me and I should of ask what is it for. Did they have to take blood from you as a new hire and what is it for
  11. by   kerriew
    You should have asked before they took your blood. Also does this company hire nurses with no experience. I have been working private duty for almost a year but considering the job I still consider myself with no experience.
  12. by   sissib
    they are probably checking Hep B titer. Have you had the HepB vaccine series? Did you sign a consent for them to draw your blood?
  13. by   Marshall1
    They check blood for Hep titer, Hep C and HIV. They do hire nurses without experience. I worked for them others have pointed out here, what I was told the job would be was NOT how it turned out and there is WAY too much traveling for education/orientation that would EASILY be done in the home clinic. I never got the mileage pay as promised. I was REALLY disappointed as I've wanted to work in dialysis for some time. I was there less than a month. It was CRAZY the disorganization.