Dialysis nurses: can you recommend a good site for CEUs in dialysis?

  1. I have checked google, and found a lot of sites which say they have online ceus in dialysis subjects available (including this site!) but they don't.
    Can you recommend a site that you have used to obtain CEUs in dialysis related nursing topics?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   ageless
    I don't know about dialysis theory CEUs, but how about credits in lytes, ABGs, assessment, infectious disease, HTN, IDDM, etc.?
  4. by   patadney
    Try the ANNA web site-it is the American Nephrology Nurse Association. There is a meeting in Chicago in April with lots of CEUs
  5. by   TELEpathicRN

    This is a good site! Just register for the "free zone" and you can get some CEU's for free. They actually have some of the presentations from last yrs ANNA symposium. There is alot on that website about CKD and Anemia Mgmt.

    Hope this helps
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Thank you, TELEpathicRN
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  7. by   Allaroundnurse
    ANNA has free, yes that is right free, CEU's available online at their site. I think it is www.annanurse.org if not go to the ANNA web site and search for CEU's