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Have worked almost everywhere, currently in Dialysis

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  1. fetal heart monitor strips as a legal document

    Is there some kind of back up? If the attorney has someone who knows about L&D they are going to ask about the strips. If they or their information can't be produced that is going to put up a very large, bright red, with blinking stars flag. Y...
  2. Kaplan, Canyon College or V. Milazzo? Best choice for LNC?

    If you want to be able to have an attorney who is familiar with the abilities of an LNC really take note of your work have the LNC behind your name not the CLNC. Once you have the hours needed to become certified then you can be an LNCC which is a n...
  3. Legal Nurse Consulting!

    I took my LNC course at our University. Our RN, JD instructors were very open in letting us know that you cannot discuss prices as that is "price fixing" and can get you into a lot!!!! of trouble. I had done my research and felt that there is anoth...
  4. Nurse attorneys

    I went to the School of Nursing that I graduated from and took a fantastic Legal Nurse Consulting course. This course prepares you to help nurses where it really counts in preventing some of the situations that we get caught in. I went to class one...
  5. ADN vs BSN My daughter and I having a heated Discussion!

    :balloons: It's time for nurses (all nurses) to quit fighting as to what type of a degree or non-degree is best. This is what has made room for PA's and MA's in the medical field. We as nurses have to have a unified front. Mom I can empathize with yo...
  6. Thanks from families

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and glad you became a nurse. It almost makes up for the 1am CHF calls for Acute nurses, the 10kg "but I only drank 1 glass of water" days, and my favorite, "OK WHO RAN OVER THE BICARB TANK TODAY?" days. To know tha...
  7. shift change is killing us, Help!

    Boy do these words sound familiar. Been there myself a few too many times. The key to a good turnaround is the patient schedule and who is in charge of it. As long as nurses let the pct's run the schedule we are going to be run off of our feet. O...
  8. Dialysis and medication administration

    I wish every nurse would be like you and ask!! Your acute dialysis nurse should help you. There is a book that is published (it will fit in your pocket) the 2003 version was put out by Bone Care (they make Hectoral), I'm sorry to say that I don't kno...
  9. contraindications in hemodialysis patient

    Tums can be used as a binder, it binds with phosphorus to be gotten rid of in the stool, if it is being used as a binder it is not PRN, it is with meals, if you give it at any other time it does not act as a binder and will increase calcium levels. ...
  10. Need advice. In PAin and scared!!

    Been there and done that!! So I know how you feel. My doc gave me some great advice, this was after the 3rd phone call and I thought I was hemorraging after my first BM at home. He told me to take my pain med and go to bed. When I woke up. It was...
  11. How to get into Dialysis Nursing?

    Go to I have been working with them for a year now and feel just as enthusiastic today as on my first day. They really believe in the TEAM spirit. With people like KT, Yoda, and Gail Wick leading us we are really different. ...
  12. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

    I know how hard it can be. Our program closed after 9 months. We restarted it on Memorial Day. The hospital that we work out of was glad to have the program back. Get in touch with the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and your Rape Crisis progra...
  13. Anyone taken the CDN or CNN exam???

    I was just wondering how your studing is going? I want to take the CDN also but just haven't gotten to it yet.
  14. Do techs do assessments on your unit?

    I live in Louisiana and only RN's can do assessments.
  15. Godmother was diagnosed with failure

    I too am so sorry to hear about your loved one. I agree that no time can be lost getting a second opinion. I have seen other patients put on dialysis just to help them breath easier near the end. Our docs look at creat. for females up to 12. Do t...