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  1. Is there anyone who is familiar with this company? ....Also, Why don't dialysis companies post their clinic days and hours to be discovered via Internet?...They only post "get directions", the "type of services offered" and such.
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  3. by   wanna b
    Hello FinallyRN7, I work for that company in NY. Dialysis staff work very long hours ( I work 14 1/2 hr shifts). Maybe because they don't want to scare anyone off lol.
  4. by   finallyRN7
    Thanks wanna. Those are insane hours. Do you always get paid for your overtime? From what I understand there can be as many as 12 or more patients to tend with only one RN. That just doesn't sound safe. I find dialysis interesting because you stay busy but the nurse patient ratio and the hours are insane.
  5. by   NurseRies
    I worked for DCI for 2.5 years and worked 4 10's. I think the hours prob depends on the clinic, if they have 2 shifts or 3 shifts, and if they're open M-Saturday, or just M, W, F. My clinic was open Monday- Saturday with 2 shifts per day, so the last patient was finished by 5pm. The latest I ever stayed was 6pm, and if I was the opening nurse, I was done by 4-4:30pm. So it prob just depending on the area manager and the specific clinic. Dialysis clinics, no matter which company, sometimes make their nurses work 14.5 hour shifts, Just depends on the clinic.

    I loved worked for DCI. It is a non-profit, so although they still "count bandaids" and are very tight on budget, at least you know the profits of the company are not going to shareholders. All dialysis companies have gotten very budget oriented since the cuts were made from government reimbursement for treatments. Some of the larger, "private", companies are still cranking out major profits, but it is not going to the employees or back into the clinics. They are trying to keep their shareholders happy.

    You should be treated well at DCI. You get great benefits, with lots of PTO to start. The smaller feel of the company makes you feel valued, but it's a big enough company that you won't have to worry about them going under. At least I hope!
  6. by   wanna b
    I agree with NurseRies, great company. I worked in the ER for a year and a half. I loved the ER and learned so much. I was a dialysis tech for 18yrs and finally got my RN. The shifts are long but I love working 3 days a week and you get use to it.There is plenty of extra shifts to pick up for OT. The transition from ER to HD wasn' hard at all, actually I had to learn to slow down. My unit has 26 stations M-W-F has 3 shifts and we close by 7:30pm and T-TH-S is 4 shifts and we leave at 11pm. I have 13 patients BUT I also have an LPN and two techs to my section which is approx 4:1 ratio ( depends if some pt's show up) and there are approx 4-5 Rn's and nurse manager every day in the unit so your not technically by yourself. I dispense meds to 13 pt and takes about 30 min. It is very repetitious and boring at times but its busy if that makes sense. I love the fact that I get breaks without interruptions and its a heck of alot less stress than what I had!!! Where are you working now? Definitely look into it.
  7. by   Guttercat
    As far as the "Big Players" in dialysis go, I am continually impressed with this company.

    In my short time there, I found company policy streamlined, ethical, and supportive at the corporate level.

    As always, though, a lot depends upon local management of any given unit as to how they represent the company in their own practices when interpreting policy.
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