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Ok so for the yast few months, I was feeling kinda crappy. Light headed, dizzy, But I just thought it was because of lack of sleep, and stress from school. I know I should have known better being a... Read More

  1. by   Jamesdotter
    Quote from blondy2061h
    Lol, it happens. I make my doctor order a CBC at least annually even if they insist there's no indication. I try not to be too paranoid, but c'mon, humor me a little here.
    I was having my doctor order a FBG about once a year, too, because 4 of my father's sisters were type 2. Well, I was a little overweight and a few years back the doc did diagnose me with type 2--I had 2 consecutive FBGs of 126! A weight loss of 30# and I'm staying off of meds so far. My A1C is around 6

    One of our resident physicians was diagnosed with type 1. He was doing a surgery rotation, and I understand he collapsed in the OR.
  2. by   marilynmom
    My dad was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 48.

    One day he just started looking sooo super skinny to me, and was acting different. He was always thin and in good shape and very cool calm and collected. We made him go to the Dr and his blood sugar was 500something...... At first they thought T2 because of his age, but when they finally got all the test results back it was T1.

    They think he got a virus that year sometime and that is what caused it.

    Type 1 can happen at any age.
  3. by   annacnatorn
    Newly DX at 39 with Hyperglycemia. Followed by a series of other health issues.

    So, I turn the clock back, I've been a chubby gal for many years, so I decided to loose some weight, I went on the "Salad and Yogurt Diet"...Such a dummy I was. I did this for so long, 7 months that I insulted my pancreas to the point that I had chronic low blood sugar, ie Hypoglycemia. MD said..well in about 15 or 16 years, your body will convert to Hyperglycemia, so get ready there is nothing you can do about it.

    Fast Forward 16 years
    8 months recurrent yeast infections, tried OTC (yes, I know better but No not me!) I was still heavy, but ate well and exercised, I thought I could ward it off)
    Went to MD, they did an AC1 (stat)..14.6 Feb 09
    Oh, shut. Thats why my sores are not healing well.
    Then DX of Hypertension (maybe cuz of work) Feb 09
    Get started on oral meds for Htn and DM11 Feb 09
    Shingles on waist (Stress) March 09
    Shingles in Eye 7 months later October 09
    ( Do you think I should slow down, after all I came pretty close to loosing my eye sight, I am glad I listened to my inner thoughts, get to the MD..get this "eye infection" checked out...its the weekend you know)
    Nope, didnt listen
    Nov 09, on the job injury, Still out to this day.

    This DM thing stinks. Such a huge dramatic change in my life and that of my families.

    I've had a couple of episodes of confusion, listlessness, sweaty body, but Prayerfully, all of the people that I know, know my condition and are ready and willing to get me

    Yes, I carry snacks, eat frequently, carry glucose tabs and hard candy and have a glucometer. far the last AC1 test was 5.5! yay
  4. by   neliii<3
    Hey! I know this is an old post but a few questions!

    I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 almost 2 years ago.. I am still trying to figure out what is best for me to eat... I dont mean the food pyramid! lol that is the general response and does nothing for me!!! I mean actual items... diabetics any tips on foods that you feel okay eating??

    i know that technically you can eat anything as long as you cover it with insulin and in moderation... but i want to eat things that are better for me all around. i am having somewhat of a hard time controlling my sugars sometimes it feels like an overwhelming task. but lately I have become scared of all the negatives so i really want to get a handle on it....

    alsooooo did any of you gain weight once you became a diabetic? i feel like i gained 15 pounds and i cant seem to drop it... im 5'5 around 145 muscular/white lol or athletic.... im not huge but i can loose weight...

    tips tips tips!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. by   neliii<3
    I am 19 btw!
  6. by   MelanieND
    HI, my son was six when he was dignoised. He is 10 now...As to food, this is the time that you need to look at it as playtime, or a science experiment. Have a base line BS number, eat one new food, to size/portion on label, and then two hours later, test BS and see what it did to YOUR bs number. Reactions are to the individual, my mom, tpye 2, can eat something and it wont change her BS much but will send my son's BS high. Try whole wheat items, more fiber, and see what it does to your bs number.
    My son likes to see what things, events, do to his BS, like riding a G force machine at NASA, rode it four time in a row, suppose to be the force to ride to the moon, and it caused his BS to rise 6 points. He did the math with the help of a NASA space member to see how much insulin he would need to ride into space or should he not take insulin for the ride.
    If you are not on an insulin pump, think about it. We found life much easier on a pump with soccer and school. Good luck!
  7. by   talaxandra
    neliii, for the most part a diabetic diet is a generally healthy diet - whole grains rather than white, complex carbs rather than simple, 20 -30% fat, take care with saturated fat, a wide range of food, not too much protein, four+ serves of vegetables a day. The biggest difference is that fruit should be consumed in moderation, preferably only in conjunction with a complex carb that will slow glucose absorption, and avoid juice.

    It's not true that you can "technically eat everything as long as you cover it with insulin" - although a little of what you fancy is okay in moderation, insulin does more than lower blood sugar. A complex hormone, insulin also increases fat metabolism in two ways - it encourages both conversion of energy to fat, and the body's ability to store fat. That's part of the reason why people with newly diagnosed T1DM lose fat - the absence of insulin does the opposite. For more information see this.

    This may be why you'd gained weight since your diagnosis. It could seem like a good idea, then, to cut back on the amount of insulin you take in, to increase fat burning. Although that would happen, insufficient insulin and rapid fat breakdown causes ketoacidosis, which significantly increases the risk of long-term complications of diabetes and is potentially fatal.

    The best way to reduce your weight while maintaining a stable blood sugar is to reduce your portions, eat well, watch your calorie intake, and incorporation regular exercise into your daily life - the same things a non-diabetic person wanting to lose weight should do I also think seeing a dietician would be helpful. Good luck
  8. by   Shirdent
    My son was dx at age 23. I thought he was on heroin. SKINNY, slow, couldn't move, drank and drank, leg cramping. I thought he was starving, I yelled at him for eating diet yogurt, You Need Calories! I said. He was in and out of consciousness. He thought he was tired. A1c 14.
    3 days in the hospital.
    I think all clinic visits should have glucose checked. Had they checked when he broke his hand skate boarding, they'd have seen it early.

    Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, FACE
  9. by   Shirdent
    Type I is when the pancreas shuts down. That can happen at any age.

    Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, FACE
  10. by   NDXUFan
    Quote from NurseCard
    Young children are even being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes nowadays.
    The increase of children being diagnosed with diabetes is 0.2-0.3 percent over 10 years. "The cause of diabetes is unknown."- Cleveland Clinic and I have heard that same answer from a few outstanding Nephrologists.
  11. by   purplesteth
    Quote from abundantjoy07
    type I diabetes is not that bad... [...] if I had to pick a disease it would be type I diabetes. Good Management and tight control will keep you well.

    Sorry to be blunt, but I think that's a pretty irresponsible thing to say. I know it is your personal opinion, but every diabetes sufferer is different. Not everyone is able to have the same degree of control over their illness, and it is possible to have high and low blood sugars despite exercising good control.

    I also fail to see how anyone would "pick" a disease with such a high risk of complications.

    I am glad you seem to have your diabetes under control, however it is not the easy ride you make it out to be.
  12. by   LisaMR
    This is to Neliii:

    Two of our kids have type 1, one dx at age 18 mos and she's now 8yo. The other is our eldest son, who was dx just over a year ago at age 22yo.

    I highly recommend a great website:

    It's full of very good information, research, advice and btdt experience. Their CWD Forums are the best and you can learn a lot from reading there. They have one for adults too.

    One of the reasons it's common to gain weight after a type 1 dx is because once you are getting insulin via injections or pump after your beta cells have quit producing it, your body no longer has to burn fat for fuel. That's a basic way to explain it. Get a good carb counting book, a scale if you want to weigh your food for more accurate carb counts. I think the Calorie King book is a good one.

    I've thought about becoming a CDE eventually, since I have personal experience with 24/7 management of a child with diabetes. I'd have to learn a lot about type 2's and the other aspects, though.

    Good luck to you!
  13. by   Jamesdotter
    Quote from talaxandra

    After looking after several nurses and one doctor who landed on my ward in DKA as their initial T1 presentation I do a BSL every month, and a UA (we are renal, too).

    PS Did I mention my hypochondria?
    With a family history of 4 paternal aunts, 2 brothers, and several cousins who are diabetic (mostly Type 2), I had my MD check my BG at least once a year. We caught it early and I, so far, have not needed medication. I think it's coming, though, because my fastings have been consistently over 100 for a couple of months. In the meantime, I'm working on losing a few pounds