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    Hi Leah!!! I was born and grew up in Edinburgh, but my parents are from the Shetland Islands... :) Have you thought about trying there? Since you're in the Highlands already it might not be that big a leap, they are normally looking for nurses and you might get accommodation too...
  2. purplesteth


    Hi Leah :) I'm from Scotland originally but am living and doing my training in Italy... I'm really sorry to hear you're having trouble finding work; are you looking for hospital work, or nursing homes and other settings also? Best of luck in your search and please keep us posted :)
  3. purplesteth

    IT'S A LAW?!

    It's white all the way here in Italy too, at least for all nursing staff (surgeons are the only exception - teal scrubs). ... You can identify different staff by the coloured borders on their uniforms - blue for nurses, red for the sister/charge nurse, yellow for nursing auxiliaries... you get the picture :) I would agree about the lack of fashion sense (I would love to wear US style coloured scrubs!), but they're certainly not unhygienic.
  4. purplesteth

    What's it like working on neurology unit?

    I just discovered today that I'll be doing my first placement in Neuro - I have to say I'm pretty excited :)
  5. Thanks for your reply - I appreciate it a lot! :) I'm always fascinated by the differences between different countries, different university and education systems, and different ways of doing things.
  6. Before I begin, and hoping this is not going to sound trite... I have a lot of admiration for all you US nurses out there :) But seriously... It's up to you to get your pre-reqs before you even apply to nursing school - in the UK and Italy they're part of the course (we do three years, or sometimes four, depending...) Once you actually get your pre-reqs, and even with excellent grades... there doesn't seem to be any guarantee of getting in to nursing school. After working so hard for your pre-reqs... Then once you finish school comes the NCLEX... wow... Then once you pass your NCLEX, is there even a job out there for you??? :uhoh3: I don't really know what the point of this post was, other than to say I think you guys have it pretty tough, and that I really admire you for going through what you do. Good luck to all US nurses!!! I'm with you all in spirit!!! :heartbeat:redbeathe
  7. purplesteth

    Nursing & Depression

    (My bold highlighting). Please excuse my bluntness, and the fact I haven't read the rest of the thread, but teeitupmom, if you're reading, it seems pretty clear you have no personal experience with depression. As other posters have said, unless you've actually suffered from depression first hand, you can't really understand how it feels. Sadly it's posts like these that propagate the myth that those suffering from depression can, or should, simply "snap out of it" and get on with things. It really isn't that simple... I wish it was.
  8. purplesteth

    why do teachers turn a blind eye to cheating??

    I am studying in Italy, and here cheating is something of an art form!!! Every year, as the high school finals approach, the tabloid magazines are full of tips for students on how to cheat. I come from a different culture, and to me cheating just doesn't come into my way of operating or looking at the world. I recently sat an exam for my nursing course, and there were so many of us in the exam that we were practically sitting on each others' laps... And boy did the other students lap it up!!! There were more cheat sheets than exams papers in that room... I've sat four exams so far, and been passed cheat sheets by others in two of them. Afterwards I told them never to do that to me again. Because I'm not interested in cheating. I got a reasonable mark in the first exam, a pretty bad one in the second. But it was enough to get me through. And I know it was all my own work. To me, those who cheat are just shooting themselves in the foot. How are they going to function in the real world, when cheating is no longer an option?? If others are cheating... so what???!!! Concentrate on your own performance, and forget about them. They don't matter. You do. Be true to yourself, and you won't go wrong. ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
  9. purplesteth

    Wrist watches...what are the pros and cons?

    Yay!!! Me too!! And there are so many cute ones around now. :heartbeat
  10. purplesteth

    No motivation

    A sincere thanks to all for your advice; I really appreciate it. Just posting this on AN helped me put things in perspective and helped me realise what I have to do. Thanks again!!!
  11. purplesteth

    Taken advantage of...

    Definitely!!! If someone asks to see your work, just politely refuse and say it's nothing personal, but that you've had bad experiences with people plagiarising your work in the past (which would now be true!) As the others have said, we are adult learners, and we have to learn to stand on our own two feet. In my experience, teachers are only too happy to advise those who go to them for help.
  12. purplesteth

    Issue with nursing classmate

  13. purplesteth

    Just for fun; Quotes you use for encourgement

    "The person who says it can't be done shouldn't get in the way of the person doing it."