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Hi students. If you want to save yourself hours of study time, and impress your friends, develop a strong memory. When I was in high school I spent $20 on a memory book written by Harry Lorayne because it promised that I would be able to memorize a deck of cards in 15 minutes.

Yes, I learned how to memorize cards and 100-digit numbers, but where it really helped me was in pharmacy school. We had to memorize so much stuff back then. We even had to memorize the numbers and letters printed on the tablets and capsules because they never printed the names of the drugs on them. I would go through my list of thirty once or twice and I was done, while my roommate was up all night.

I googled Harry Lorayne and he has several books out now, all inexpensive. I found the book that I bought years ago as a free download, but you might consider one of his later editions. Note: I am sure there are other memory books that may be helpful, but I know that Mr. Lorayne's book worked for me.

You will learn most of what you need for nursing school in the first 30 minutes of reading the book. If you want to memorize cards and numbers, you will have to do a little studying.

When I used to teach pharmacy technicians, I would ask them how many of them could memorize a list of 25 objects in order, backwards and forwards, in about 5 minutes. No one raised their hand. I would then have everyone come up to the whiteboard and list an object and we would memorize the list in a few minutes.

Hope this helps!

Brad Wojcik, PharmD


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Ha! Believe it or not my General Chemistry prof told the class about this book! I bought it and yes it really does work!! I've used the concept to memorize lots of things. The process even works very quickly for immediate recall.


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You were smart to listen to your chemistry teacher. He probably also taught you the easy way to do your medical calculations, just like Mr. LaDue, my high school chemistry teacher did.


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Yes, I feel very fortunate to have had taken General Chem because we did a lot of practice with calculations using dimensional analysis so my med calculations in nursing school weren't an issue for me.


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Hi I was just wondering which book it was that you found helpful? He seems to have a few


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Hi mroman.

It is on as a free download. Identifier HowToDevelopASUPERPOWERMEMORYHarryLorayne. This was his first book, written in 1957, so his later books may have a little more information. I doubt it will make much difference which of his books you use.

You can buy a hardcover used version on amazon for $10-12, which might be a better option.

Hope this helps!



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Just downloaded the book and already hooked. I believe this will help me greatly in nursing school. Thank you for sharing.

Nawkole, CNA

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Thank you so much for sharing this information!

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