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I haven't started nursing yet, but I was watching "Dr. Pimple Popper". I found it really gross at first, but then I became fascinated with all the skin ailments (and other skin issues). Is anyone on this site a dermatology nurse? Can you give me, "a day in a life of nurse dermatology"?

As a dermatology nurse practitioner I have never had a RN work with me in the office. It is most cost effective to have a medical assistant in the clinic. Some of my former MAs now work for Dr. Pimple Popper aka Dr. Sandra Lee. As far as a typical day, for me it was 40 to 50 patients presenting with everything from acne, tinea, cysts, basal/squamous carcinomas, mycosis fungoides psoriasis, botox, fillers, laser resurfacing, burns etc. No day was the same with the exception of surgery day where it was mostly excisions of cysts or on Mohs day it was removal of skin cancers and reconstructions. Every derm office is different and I'm sure some have RNs but I don't know of any in Southern California. The RNs I know who do work in derm do strictly cosmetics and pretty much run their own practice.

Thank you!!! Do you know of any LPNs that work in dermatology?

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Thank you!!! Do you know of any LPNs that work in dermatology?

I've worked as a medical assistant In dermatology for 7 years (currently in nursing school) and I've only worked with an Lpn once and she functioned as a medical assistant.

I feel like it's rare to find Derm NP's on here! I am interested in becoming one and just was wondering any advice you would give to someone looking to get their foot in the door for the specialty and what route you went to get to where you are? I'll be graduating with my BSN by the end of the year and would love any input!

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