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Dept. of Human Services nurse ??

Just curious, and I don't know who else would know...

What would a Department of Human Services nurse do? What setting is that? I know it's not Department of Health thus not a county health unit, it's not home health, it's not a correctional setting, and it's not the Veterans Administration.

I've seen the jobs posted before, but they never say what setting they're in. Here's the description. It's just basic RN stuff.

Records medical and family history of patients and current medication usage, conducts physical examinations, and monitors vital signs. Develops and updates patient care plan for completion of treatment goals. Reviews patient charts for physician orders, progress notes, and physical complaints. Consults with physicians concerning problem cases, provides assistance with case management, and refers patients to appropriate clinic or agency for treatment. Responds to emergency or life-threatening situations and administers appropriate treatment. Counsels and instructs patients and family members on proper care and use of medication and medical equipment, modifies care plan according to patient's progress, and informs of available services, if providing care in the home or hospital. Instructs individuals, families, and other groups regarding health issues, such as preventive care, nutrition, and childcare. Arranges for immunizations, blood pressure testing, and other health screening. Works with community leaders, teachers, parents, and physicians in community health education. May supervise daily activities of licensed practical nurses and nursing aides. Performs other duties as assigned.

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Sounds like primary health care; possibly a clinic or what we refer to as a "day hospital". Do they give any indication of what the hours are?

Agree with GHGoonette - sounds like primary care, perhaps a community clinic sited at a local hospital. Where geographically is the position?

I see openings for that position at different counties around the state. Like I said, it's not the Dept. of Health county health unit that it's referencing. I see those same jobs advertised all the time as well.

GHGoonette, BSN, RN

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Interesting...with all that patient education, I'd have pegged it as community health. Have you done a demographic on the areas they're advertising for? The possibility occurs to me that one of your larger private health care providers might be starting a specific outpatient service.


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It sounds like a Public Health Nurse which is a generic description and a government (usually state or city) job. The specific job could be almost anything in the community so you would need to interview to find out the specifics.

Yeah, it's a state job being a state department. I agree it sounds like public health, but that's an entirely different department and all of our 75 counties have their own county health unit, provided by the state, to provided the community nursing elements such as immunizations, family planning, etc. It's also where the county health inspector for restaurants, septic systems, etc holds an office.

For us DHS (Dept. of Human Svcs.)has offices that deal with child protection, and I think the nursing homes report to that agency. I don't know what else they do since that's all you really hear about.

DHS also does some mental health stuff, and they've got the state hospital for people with mental illnesses and "the criminally insane." I

just don't think the ad really hinted at mental health nursing.

They also administer the state medicaid program, food stamps, energy assistance, etc. I was just looking at their website but nothing medical popped out at me.

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I saw the position you are talking about, I think. I took it as someone that administers the non-skilled waiver programs that the home health agencies staff. The DHS folks make referrals to the home health agencies that do non-skilled waiver services and hold the agencies responsible for following the care plan/ orders and providing the staff.

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In my state the dept of human services does work with the mentally ill. This type of job would be in the clinical setting, more like case management or working with the physicians who treat this population.


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