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tk3100 has 18 years experience and specializes in ICU, OR.

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  1. tk3100

    Nurse Week Goodies, funniest ones you've seen

    Maybe, slightlymental_RN. However, it does confirm my belief that nursing does drive a person to drink!
  2. tk3100

    Dept. of Human Services nurse ??

    I saw the position you are talking about, I think. I took it as someone that administers the non-skilled waiver programs that the home health agencies staff. The DHS folks make referrals to the home health agencies that do non-skilled waiver services...
  3. tk3100

    Oasis review/ Coder

    I just think that that many active patient cases for 485 reviews and oasis review and submit alone is enough to make a person crazy. I am not a certified coder, but I had more home health experience than almost any of the clinicians and supervisors.
  4. tk3100

    Oasis review/ Coder

    I agree with that. I am still reeling over being fired yesterday due to "poor performance". I really do not know what else she wanted from me. She said that there were missing recerts and I should have known this. This follows a state survey that I w...
  5. tk3100

    If we had a conservative nurses forum

    A proud, southern conservative to add to your list:)
  6. tk3100

    Oasis review/ Coder

    I am wondering. How many cases should one person be responsible to review and submit oasis for? Is there a maximum amount? My agency requires that I am responsible for approx 650. We have a relatively new computer system within the last year and many...
  7. tk3100

    RN Salary survey

    Nursing supervisor, just hired, in LTC. I think my salary breaks down to about $21.50 per hour. I live near Fort Smith, Arkansas (second largest city in the state).
  8. tk3100

    What's better?

    The answer is different for everyone. Start as a cna, and you will be able to answer your own question. Also, if you know any RN's, ask them questions about their jobs.
  9. tk3100


    I did it with a toddler and a crumbling marriage while working weekends. Very difficult, but it can be done.
  10. tk3100

    Nursing and Astrological Sign

    Virgo here. Worked ICU, surgery, and home health/hospice.
  11. tk3100

    whats the diffrence ???

    It sounds like you have been lied to! No, you must do an LPN program to be able to take the nclex(nursing licensure test) and then be licensed in your state as a nurse. I'm so sorry for you.
  12. tk3100

    Sarah P's views regarding nursing issues

    Not sure where this number comes from, but I pay less than $275/mo for insurance for my family of four. This is with a $2500 deductable, but as you well know that is the equivalent of 15 min in the ER. After the deductable all is paid at 80%. All I h...
  13. tk3100

    Curious re: Veterans Affairs Nursing

    Thank you for your responses! I tried to do the research online for myself, but I didn't understand what I was reading. You've been a big help.
  14. Anyone know GS of BSN with 16 yrs total nsg experience? I am interested in VA nsg, but wondering what kind of pay.:heartbeat
  15. tk3100

    APNs with no names?

    I address them by their first names.