Denture (dental) Adhesive - provided by your hospital or not?


Hello again,

Another question asked by one of the clinical nurse educators. Does your hospital provide denture (dental) adhesive for your patients that wear dentures? Why or why not?

As the librarian, I am looking for articles or literature to support either way. So far I can't find much either way. Our hospital does not currently purchase. Because staff will buy it for them,there are not enough measurable outcomes.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes. Seabond.

Gero psych.

Because patients often don't bring necessary stuff to the hospital.


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No. Probably because we're cheap but I'm told that properly fitting dentures shouldn't need it.

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I'm in an ICU so denture adhesive isn't a typical priority...I don't know if the floors stock it or not.

If a pt had ill fitting dentures and couldn't eat without adhesive, and no family to bring some (sorry... I'm not purchasing it myself as you mention) I would see if SLP could find some, since chewing/swallowing difficulties is kind of their thing.

Obviously in a more long-term situation, dental follow-up would be appropriate.

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It's not stocked in our med/surg or behavioral health. I don't work on any other units. We're happy to modify your diet to that sludge sort of stuff if you're unable to chew ...or the chopped up stuff, even.

MunoRN, RN

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It's been provided at every facility I've worked at, typically stocked along with toothbrushes and toothpaste.