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Hello Everyone!

I am currently looking into applying to Seton for Summer 2018, however, i would like to get some background on everything regarding the program from some of you who may have already started... I would also love any tips/info you guys have regarding the open house event, resume building, and the interview process.

Thank you in advance!


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Hello! I am going to be applying to the seton residency program and the portion where you submit the interest form did yall include a cover letter or just the resume?


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Hello to all! I am currently attempting to the Summer 2018 Dell Seton residency program and am having troubling finding the application on the website. I typed in residency but nothing came up besides an admin position. Any suggestions?


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Same, I couldn't populate anything in the search...anyone else have better luck?

I don't think the application is posted until after the Open House on Feb 23rd. I'm from out of state and currently trying to decide if I should try to make the Open House or just wait for the application to open online. Are you attending the Open House?


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I'm out of state as well, and from what I heard it is worth it to go to the open house (highly encouraged, by one of the employees I spoke with).

And yes, I heard they will not post anything till after the open house.


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Hi everyone!

I'm attending the Open House this Friday, February 23rd. I'm flying in from out-of-state and from what I've heard, it's very beneficial/preferred that you attend the open house to be considered for a position. There's not a ton of information out there about the process, but hopefully that'll be clarified after this Friday. I hope to see y'all there!

Thank you! Then I will certainly try to make it!


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Anyone else from CO...? I'll be attending the 1pm session, what are you guys bringing along with you?


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I'm not from CO (originally TX but finishing Nursing school in GA), but I'm just bringing what they suggested we bring. (Resume, references, transcripts)

I'll be at the 12p-1p session and I'm curious to know how much actual time we'll have to meet with the hiring teams from different departments. My main pick is Pediatric Emergency Dept., but I saw that some people were hired a few days after attending the open house.

Are you bringing letters of recommendations? Or just a list of your references?


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Actual letters of recommendation!

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