Dell Children's RN Residency February 2018

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Okay that is everything I'm planning on bringing as well, just curious if I left anything out! How many copies are you going to bring of everything? I don't want to come under prepared but I'm just unsure of how many units will be present and everything...


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So I am only bringing 5. Just to be safe. I figured we dont really know how long the presentation is going to be and/or how long we will be at each station. I have little packets for 1) Peds ED 2)Hemoc/Oncology 3)Nicu 4)picu 5) Adults ED. I HIGHLY doubt we'll have time to ge to them all but i have them just in case : )


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does anyone know what the base pay for st davids is for new grads?! trying to decide between that and seton! thanks so much!!!

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