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I will be sitting my NCLEX-RN on Thursday and was wondering about delegation questions.

I know that the NCLEX is a national exam, but are the questions specific to each state? The reason I'm asking is in the state of Texas, UAPs can be delegated certain tasks that they may not be able to perform in other states(?). For example, in TX, a UAP can perform "sterile procedures--those procedures involving a wound or an anatomical site which could potentially become infected". If a question regarding this came up on my NCLEX, would I answer that the UAP can perfom this task (b/c in my state they can) or that the UAP could not perfom this taks (b/c they may not be able to in another state)?

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You go only by national protocol, not by your state, as they have no way of knowing whcih state that you are from. You can sit for the exam all over the world.


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I went to nursing school at the university of texas - galveston, and sat for my boards in Knoxville, TN. I took the NCLEX last Thursday )I passed w/ 75 questions. When it comes to delegation, IMO, just know that noone except for the RN can teach, assess, handle unstable pts, when it comes to the NCLEX. I don't remember seeing alot of delegation, more prioritizing and patient teaching. I wouldn't stress too much over which states can do what b/c alot of the test focuses on "which one would you assess first" and others alike. Hope this helps.


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This is what I learned from Kaplan about delegation. They said an RN can never delegate assessment or teaching, a CNA can only do unchanging daily routines (ie. morning care), and LPN's can do anything else. They mainly focus on the RN not delegating anything to do with assessment (biggest) and teaching. Hope this helps. Also try not to use past experiences because what may be standard practice in your facility usually is not what the NCLEX is looking for. Good luck.

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Very helpful hints! Thanks! :p

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Thank you everyone! Ya'll have been very helpful!


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I did not have any delegation questions on NCLEX. But I'm sure they would be very general and not state-specific if they were to ask.

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