Help!! How's the job market in DE right now?

  1. I'm graduating next semester in NYC and considering moving to DE right away. The job market in NYC is really, really competitive right now and I was wondering if the situation is better in DE. Are they hiring new grads with ASNs? Hows the pay?

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  3. by   cebollita
    Well, I can't tell you for sure, because I'm still only a pre-pre-nursing student, but down here in Sussex County I usually see classified ads from different health care facilities looking for nurses quite often.
  4. by   mofo43
    Start looking at hospitals now. Christiana hospital has a GN internship programs, I would check their website weekly. The last I checked there are no jobs right now, but I keep hearing rumors that things will open up in the new year! Here's hoping, as I don't have a job yet!!!
  5. by   Markeevustimothy
    I would say it is fair, I think it could be worse. I see some postings for RN positions, particuarly at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington. Christiana Care and AI Dupont prefer to hire from within, but if you know people who work at either of those facilities use them to your advantage. The VA hospital in Elsmere is another choice. For them you'll have to go to and look for the right position / location. As for LTC and home health, I never looked into them. Good luck.

    PS. I would just check out as many employer websites as you can find.