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  1. Markeevustimothy

    Delaware Tech clinical acceptance points

    Having done most your pre-reqs, including A&P I, A&P II, and Microbiology, you should be in the clear. You will be competing against people who have half that. Those points make ALL the difference. I took the NLN twice and I got the same score (roughly). The first time I took it I was not accepted and had to wait a year. The second time I had all the pre-reqs done and made it in the top 80. Not sure the point value, that depends on how successful the other students are. Good luck.
  2. Markeevustimothy

    Help!! How's the job market in DE right now?

    I would say it is fair, I think it could be worse. I see some postings for RN positions, particuarly at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington. Christiana Care and AI Dupont prefer to hire from within, but if you know people who work at either of those facilities use them to your advantage. The VA hospital in Elsmere is another choice. For them you'll have to go to www.usajobs.gov and look for the right position / location. As for LTC and home health, I never looked into them. Good luck. PS. I would just check out as many employer websites as you can find.
  3. Markeevustimothy

    A.I. duPont Hospital Hiring New Grads?

    AI prefers BSN nurses.
  4. Markeevustimothy

    Delaware Tech nursing courses online?

    Stanton campus.
  5. Markeevustimothy

    Nurses Role in Pediatric Immunizations

    Use a medical research base / nursing research base, i'm sure there is one provided by your college, to find evidence based studies related to the dangers of the common pediatric immunizations. If you can't find substantial evidence that there is some risk, I would choose a different topic. Also, you could talk about being unbiased as a health care provider from your personal experience and remaining objective to the pros and cons as your topic of the article. Just an idea. Good luck
  6. Markeevustimothy

    6 Day Orientation. Is It Enough?

    Oh okay that sounds a lot better, yeah I had about the same amount of days for my hospital orientation. After day 5 I was pretty glad it was over.
  7. Markeevustimothy

    6 Day Orientation. Is It Enough?

    6 days does not seem like enough training. The hospital that I work at has 4-6 weeks of orientation for PCAs.
  8. Markeevustimothy

    Interview advice for a Patient Care Assistant

    Hello. Tomorrow I have an interview at a hospital for a Patient Care Assistant position. I was wondering if anyone had any advice to give me. What kind of questions should i expect? Thank you
  9. Markeevustimothy

    Should I Take Micro and AP 2 at the same time?

    I worked 40 hours and took A&P 2 and Microbiology at the same time. You should be fine, I didn't have too much of a hard time, ended up with Bs in both classes but nobody received an A in my A&P 2 class. To my surprise, the classes complimented each other. The material for the classes overlapped at times. But, that is dependent on the curriculum of the classes at your college.
  10. Markeevustimothy

    Study tips for Microbiology

    Try to determine from where the test questions are derived. That is always the first step. Some teachers only test on things that are covered in class (which is the way my science courses where) and others test on all the assigned material (which is the way my nursing classes are). If it is exclusively or primarily from the lecture, record it with a digital or tape recorder. Even a laptop could probably record a lecture with decent quality. If it is from the book it'll probably be harder. I would just study the keyterms. Also drawing pictures from my bio books and labeling things helped me, as well as forcing myself to write down something after i've just read it without looking at what it is, that way I know I am retaining that information in my short-term memory, which is the first step in saving it into my long-term memory. Good luck
  11. Markeevustimothy

    Delaware Tech nursing courses online?

    I have just completed my first clinical semester in the spring at Delaware Technical and Community College. They have 3 sections for each nursing class. A day time clinical (6:30 - 1ish) with in-person lectures, day time clinical with lecture DVDs that must be picked up from the college, and evening clinical (around 2:30-8ish i believe) with DVD lectures. However even if you are DVD lecture you must still attend labs, seminars, tests and must spend mandatory lab time inside of the nursing lab. You will normally have one of these a week. It may help you to have DVD lectures, but you will still be spending the majority of your learning experience in-person.