Can you tell me anything about Delaware?

  1. I am looking for real experience not statistics (I've already read those on the net). What is the crime like? How are the schools? Is there anything to do there for a female in her 30s and a child that is in elementary school? Anything else that you would like to contribute would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   CCL"Babe"
    It depends where in Delaware you are thinking of going. I grew up in northern Delaware above Wilmington. I live now just outside Delaware in PA, but most of our social life is in Delaware. The area I grew up in and still hang out in is quiet, not a lot of crime. Expensive for housing- but cheaper than where I live now. The public schools in the that area are good - but there is busing. Many people send their children to private schools to avoid that issue. I don't know much about the "nightlife" There are many attractions locally and just over state lines in Philadelphia and over the bridge to the Jersey Shore. Close to Baltimore and Washington as well.
  4. by   szccdw
    Thanks for the info. I grew up in NY and want to go back north but someplace that I can afford to live. The rent back home is sooooo high it's crazy. Again, thanks
  5. by   DanaR85
    I also grew up in Delaware and actually will be moving back there from SC in a few weeks to start my first RN job at Christiana. I went to public schools in DE and they were good(I was in Red Clay, not sure about other districts as much), but yes, there is busing. However, there are also tons of private schools in the area of varying prices. All in all, educationally, there are tons of options.
    Between Trolley Square(which is now a thriving area for young professionals) and Newark, the night life isn't too bad. I have always enjoyed it. And, we are close enough to Philly, DC, NYC, etc to go up there for events/occassions. We're close to the shore/beach, and for me, you can't beat that in the summer. Another thing, tax free shopping!!!
    In my experience and what I've seen while looking, rent hasn't been too outrageous. It is high compared to SC where I am now(no way can you rent in DE for the $450/month I pay now), but it's still very do-able.

    Good luck and I hope you like Delaware!
  6. by   megananne7
    It does depend on where you're at... I live in southern DE, almost to Ocean City, MD... It's very quiet where I'm from... I know people upstate say it's quiet up there but it's almost like night and day where I'm at.. nearest OK shopping is an hour away (although some people don't consider Salisbury, MD & Dover to be "real" malls).

    Crime down here isn't bad. It does exist but where I'm at no one has had any major problems other than traffic stuff.

    Like everyone said, housing is very expensive, but even moreso down here by the beach. They are building a new development down the street and their "affordable" houses START in the 650K area.
  7. by   prettysoldier
    I moved to de from ny a few years ago. And sista it aint the same!!!!!!!!!!! no hustle down here. If u have kids this is a good place to raise em. However, the pay is VERY different....U might slap yourself when u see your first pay check, but ny taxes and de's is different and so is the standard of living. crime rate...not too shabby. Well that also depends on where you live! In kent and sussex just use one lock...that should do. leave all your 27 door locks in ny! If u have kids they might be in shock for a few months...I moved here as a teen...almost lost my mind. But as an adult u might like it better. coming from ny u will have more room to grow and breathe...who knows u might have a garden. there is tax free shopping...especially at the beach!!!!
    hope this helps.....also I would suggest that you visit for a few days.
  8. by   GreenEyedNurse
    Born and bred New Castle County Delawarian. There are some great places to live here. There are some bad parts of the city, but nothing like NY! (My husband is from NY...we visit often) The schools are eh, OK. There is a lot to do with kids. I'm in my 30's and have a 5 year old. I live in Newark. I like it here. It's part college town, part suburb. Having the Univ. of DE right here is pretty cool. I'm right near Maryland. If you like to shop, this locale is heaven! The beaches aren't bad (a smidge crowded...OC, Maryland is better). All in all, not a bad place to live.
  9. by   FutureRN1908
    I'm originally from northern Delaware, but I live in the Washington DC metro area now(expensive!). Coming from NY you will be happy about the cost of living. You can look into buying a house b/c it's A LOT cheaper there.