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We have finally convinced the Bosses that a decontamination shower is imperitive, especially now. Does anyone know what the current requirement is for disposal of water used to decontaminate? Or where to get the info? Do we need the holding tank that was required a few years ago, or is the thinking that it is so dilute when it goes into the general sewer that it's not a threat (the opinion of our City Officials)? All help appreciated.


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Check with your state's Office of Emergency Services. If they do not have the answer, they can give you the name of the agency that does.


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You also might check with your local HAZ-MAT team with the local fire company. They usually have all the up-to-date material.

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We are a POD hospital for the state of Illinois. We use containment of water for 1-3 people and for more, we dilute it down with more water and down the sewer it goes!!

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The hospital Im at has decontamination room,just inside the ambulance entrance. Its waste goes into a huge underground pool.I am aware that it has a 50,ooo gallon pool to recieve it all.Now if that fills up or they feel the need I have absolutely no idea what they do with it. I know there re companies that specialize in this area.

We have 3 showers and hazmat gear stored in the room for immediate use if something does occur. we have used it on several occasions of chemical contamination. but nothing really major. but not enough to really account for more than a drop in the bucket of that huge pool,they got there underground.for all I know its all still in there.Dont think I would like to find out though.



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