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Deciding on colleges for nursing pathway

dylanwino dylanwino (New) New Student

OK so I am currently a junior looking at several colleges with nursing programs. My question is, does it matter if that college doesn’t have a nursing program? Basically what I’m saying is, am I only limited to apply to those colleges with a nursing program or can I apply to colleges that don’t have one, do my pre reqs at that college and then apply and transfer to a college that has a nursing program. Also if I were to do this would that give me worse chances as opposed to being at that school already with the program? Thanks for any responses!

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CalicoKitty, BSN, RN

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I got my pre-req's done at community college. Much cheaper that way. Get good grades (As), and hopefully your GPA will get you into a nursing program. Also having recs from professors may be helpful.

I would assume already being a student at a school would give you better odds, and would not hurt regardless.

Getting into nursing school can be a challenge, and you may want to apply to a few programs once you have some pre-req's (or all) done.

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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Usually, with prereqs, it doesn't matter, but ALWAYS look to the college(s) that you plan to apply to, as no school is under any obligation to accept credits from another school, except where there are agreements present. Sometimes course numbers matter as well, so again, refer to the nursing schools to which you plan to apply

Colleges may, or may not, give preference to students who already attend. Other colleges may give preference to those who live within a certain geographical area surrounding that school. You have to get specific with your questions or your exploring of the website links, information meetings, calls to the nursing advisor, etc. Some members have said they made a grid on which to list their prospective programs down one side, and the various criteria listed down or across the other side. Helps to keep things sorted out, especially the greater the number of programs that you research.