Dealing with weight gain as a new grad on nights?


I use to be fairly active before I started on nights as a new grad in ortho. Dealing with all the stress as a new nurse and suffering the effects of working through the night (and sleeping through the day) has slowly begun to have a detrimental effect to my health (specifically my weight-I've gained about 5 lbs the last month). Whenever I get off work, I'm too tired to go to the gym and I just indulge myself into some comfort food (shame on me....:cry:). I know the first year is going to be tough, but do any of you have any tips? I use to go to the gym 6x a week, but am only able to go at most 4x a week. I



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Your description fits many that work night shift. One doesn't have to be a new grad to gain weight when they work nights. You will have to make a conscious effort to establish and maintain good health habits or night shift will get the better of you. Good luck.

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Work nights as well (1900-0730ish) I come home, walk the dog and gto bed!! up at 1430, grab me 1 of those 5hr energy drinks then head to the gym!! I know one should not rely on an energy drink, but it helps me wake up and get the fogginess out of my head. And there is only like 60ml in the bottle, so it doesn't fill u up!

Pack a nutritious meal and some fruit. When you get off have a granola bar or SOMETHING to keep you from pigging out when you get home.

I started nights about a month ago and am actually losing. Another trick? I DO NOT bring change so I can't hit the vending machines.

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I wish I could make it 3x a week! And I'm off 5 days a week, haha. You have way more motivation than I do.

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