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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else out there applied to George Washington University's BSN program to start this fall? I know the deadline was last week and I got an email saying... Read More

  1. by   runnova
    I applied on January 13, got an email on February 15 saying my application was "submitted for review" and was accepted on March 22! Now onto figuring out the financial aid situation....
  2. by   southeRNgirl185
    Congrats runnova! Are you planning on attending? Have you been to the school before? I am planning on taking a trip down to see the campus sometime soon! I'm from Boston and I've always loved the DC area so it would be awesome to live around there!
  3. by   runnova
    Thanks, dancergirl. Congrats to you too! Are you leaning towards attending? I did go to an info session at the GW Northern VA campus (where classes will be held, not at the main campus in DC). It's pretty far out there in VA but the facilities & lab are newer and nicer than the other two D.C. area schools I visited so far (Marymount & Shenandoah). Just my opinion. The faculty I met were really nice as well. This is a wonderful area to live in. I moved here about 5 years ago and love it.

    I admit that I am surprised GW wants my declaration of intent and $500 (!) non-refundble deposit by April 11 if I plan on attending. I'll likely send in the deposit and hope for the best from Financial Aid - I've submitted everything (they require more than just the FASFA) and am waiting to hear back from them. My top choice is Georgetown and the WHC scholars program (80% tuition paid for a 3 year committment to work there post-graduation) but I won't know about that until mid-May. If that doesn't work out for me then GW it is!
  4. by   southeRNgirl185
    That's great you got to see the area! I am trying to plan a visit out there before we have to send in our deposits, but April 11 is approaching so quickly! I am actually waiting to hear from Duke before I make any final decisions; Duke has said I will hear back by April 9. They have a similar program to Georgetown that if you are hired after graduation you will receive back tuition over a 3 year period. Like you, I will probably send in my deposit just to be 100% sure I'm going somewhere! If Duke doesn't work out I will definitely be attending GW!
  5. by   TXgirl912
    Has anyone else heard yet?
  6. by   nancy.wong
    I received my admittance email last week for this upcoming fall to the program. Have been in a bit of a rut trying to figure out if I want to attend GWU or Penn State. Dancegirl you mentioned that GWU's program gives tuition back over 3 years once hired?!?! If you have additional info on this can you send it my way? You wouldn't happen to know the NCLEX pass rate for first time takers?
  7. by   Bthechange
    Yes I received an email last week and have sent my payment in. I'm definitely attending! Now on to figuring out financing. I too would love to hear more on the tuition payback at GWU if that is a possibility.

    Nancy.wong-I read somewhere that GWU's NCLEX pass rate is 100%

    Best to all!
  8. by   southeRNgirl185
    Hi guys,

    I don't know if GWU has a tuition reimbursement program...I know runnova was talking about Georgetown having a program, and I know that Duke has this program too. Not sure about GWU though...that would be a great plus if they did!
  9. by   nancy.wong
    I'm glad to know that there are others that received their letters of acceptance emailed to them already. I've been debating on sending in my deposit. I got into Penn State Altoona's SON also. Thinking of visiting GWU this weekend to check out the area. Has anyone figured what they'll be doing about financial aid and housing for GWU?
  10. by   Bthechange
    I called and looked into tuition reimbursement. GWU does not offer a program. If you are a PT or FT employee and are employed in a 'tuition reimbursement eligible' position then GWU will cover part of your cost.

    That doesn't help us much since we can't work PT or FT and go to school. This would be a great option once graduated you could work for them and get a graduate degree partially paid for.

    Hope that helps.
  11. by   Bthechange

    I live in the area so I'll be commuting but the school is located in an area with lots of homes. It's possible you could rent a room from someone locally. There may be postings on campus or you could try Craigslist. As far as finances...that's a work in progress
  12. by   jacoiii
    I just got my decision. I got in!!! I also got into Shenandoah and they offered me a partial scholarship so I need to make a decision. Congrats to to all that got accepted!
  13. by   nancy.wong
    Thanks Bthechange! I actually made a day trip today to campus and was able to get an idea of what to look for as far as housing.
    I'll be making a final decision about GWU or PSU hopefully by the end of the weekend. Hoping to get to know others who have gotten into the program before the semester starts, if I choose GWU. In the meantime congrats everyone that got in!