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  1. BlueJays2013

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I just got home from work not too long ago, the last few hours were excruciating and the drive home even worse but I am in! direct entry PMHNP! Will anyone else be in the DC/Baltimore area??
  2. BlueJays2013

    RUSH BSN-DNP Fall 2019!

    I just heard on the Vanderbilt thread I'm following that someone was already interviewed and accepted in one of the specialties for Rush. I on the other hand haven't heard a thing.
  3. BlueJays2013

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Rush already did interviews and sent out acceptances? I thought their deadline wasn't until Jan 2nd. Maybe they are just on top of their stuff. I haven't heard a word from Rush. I applied PMHNP. ugh. As for relocating halfway through. I don't know how I feel about that... Chicago is freezing. quite literally.
  4. BlueJays2013

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    actually? I haven't even bothered looking yet until I figure everything out. ugh. Two of my other programs haven't sent out decisions yet either.
  5. BlueJays2013

    MUSC Grad Programs 2019

    Hey! I applied to their PMHNP program. I have 5 years nursing exp but it's peds onc, not psych. I have my BSN and a BA in psych. So here's to hoping! Apparently they don't interview and we find out mid to end of march?
  6. BlueJays2013

    RUSH BSN-DNP Fall 2019!

    I guess this isn't a very popular program? Hard to believe...
  7. BlueJays2013

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I just checked my email and I applied by the 11/1 deadline and never got that email either but I did do an interview for PMHNP direct entry so I'm assuming my application went to be reviewed. I wouldn't worry if you didn't get an email saying it was under review!
  8. BlueJays2013

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    It was after the death of Freddie Gray. You can read about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Baltimore_protests Locust Point is definitely the safest area to live in Baltimore City but I lived in Upper Fells 2010-2013 and had no problems. Gough and Washington. It also was within the area that the Hopkins shuttle reached. Morning there was a pick up spot nearby and at night they dropped you off at your door and waited for you to get inside. Hopkins security is also really great! My wallet was found a few blocks from my house and turned into JHU and they sent the police to my house twice until they were certain I was safe. If you live in Locust Point you will need to drive and pay for parking. There are also some new and nice apartments in Canton near the water that should be quite secure with parking garages. Fed hill is also a good area (but better if you're in your young 20s and like to go out every weekend). I would not live in the apartments across the street from the hospital. The area directly by the hospital is dangerous. Do not walk around with your cellphone out, with headphone in etc. Be aware, be smart and you'll be fine. Don't walk alone at night either. Get a security system as well. Also street parking in any decent neighborhood any time after 6pm is really hard. Either take the Hopkins shuttle or make sure to have parking at your place. Baltimore truly does have a lot of wonderful things about it though! We called it smalltimore. Everyone goes out to the same bars, restaurants, etc. You run into people quite a bit even though it's a decent sized city and the nightlife is great compared to many other cities (and I'm a travel nurse, I've lived all over the country). You can walk from bar to bar to restaurant to restaurant all day/night and they love their football! The stadiums are right downtown so games are a lot of fun! But since this is a forum for Vanderbilt (I don't want to get annoying) if anyone has questions about Hopkins or Baltimore feel free to DM me! Tomorrow is Monday!
  9. BlueJays2013

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    who knows at this point... Hopkins only has a post masters PMHNP right? I went to Hopkins for my BSN before they switched to only MSN. Great school! I highly recommend it! I graduated though before the 2015 riots and since then the city has definitely become more dangerous; however, it is a beautiful city with incredible people. I had a really wonderful mental health clinical at hopkins as well. There is a lot of security around the hospital and a shuttle to take you to and from the hospital/nursing school if you live within a certain distance of the hospital/nursing school. Parking at the hospital though is VERY expensive. I believe it is over $100 a month. Still paying off my loans from Hopkins but I don't regret it! I'm probably moving back to the Baltimore/DC area for my MSN (provided I get in) because that is where my clinical connections are so maybe I'll see you there either way! I hope we get decisions tomorrow, the amount of cookie dough I've eaten this weekend is appalling. Come on Vanderbilt! Did anyone else apply to Rush or MUSC online DNPS?
  10. BlueJays2013

    RUSH BSN-DNP Fall 2019!

    I applied as well for PMHNP and haven't heard anything yet! Here's to hoping!
  11. BlueJays2013

    Ohio License by Endorsement

    I realize this is a bit old, but I'm so confused about the finger printing stuff. I'm out of state and I'm wondering if it would be easier for me to just go to Ohio to get the webcheck done. And that sheet that the BON from our state needs to fill out and send it to the OBON? Can anyone explain any of this better. Did anyone do the fingerprint cards?
  12. BlueJays2013

    New Grad nurse getting endorsed in Ohio. HELP!

    well after reading into it a bit more, it looks to me that the CE credits are about Ohio law... I believe I need to complete them because I will be getting my license in MD first and then transferring it.
  13. I graduated a few weeks ago. I take the NCLEX in Jan and start my job at the end of Feb. I was offered a job in Ohio (my dream job) at the beginning of December. I submitted my RN application in early November for Maryland. I have looked over the process for being endorsed in Ohio and I'm confused about the CE credit hours. Being a new graduate, I've never had to do any CE courses. Is this something that will take me more than a day or two to complete online? Anyone familiar with the Ohio endorsement process and has any advice or hints on how it works would be so appreciated. Also, can I hand in my application directly to the BON? Does this speed the process up? PLEASE HELP?! It was complicated enough figuring out how to get my license in MD, let alone transfer it!
  14. BlueJays2013

    MD Anderson nursing residency

    Hey Y'all, keep your heads up! They have made most offers I believe, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE will accept the offer. I was offered a position at another hospital in the field that I really want. So, as of today, I declined the offer from MD Anderson. That means they have to fill the position. Good luck to everyone!
  15. BlueJays2013

    Children's Dallas Feb 2014 Internships

    I haven't actually been able to find a contact #. If you could PM me the number I would be forever thankful!