Days vs night shift preference?


Day vs night shift preference?

  1. 1. Day vs night shift preference?

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Day vs night shift preference? Worked nights for years and thinking of days.

HiddencatBSN, BSN

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Personalities to work with or toll it takes on your life and health, because I have two different answers depending 😂

Hoshio, RN

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3 hours ago, nursing9462 said:

Day vs night shift preference? Worked nights for years and thinking of days.

I think it depends a lot on the unit & who your coworkers are. I primarily work nights on my unit, but also have picked days up to help out. I like the fast pace of day shift, where as I find night shift usually drags by depending on the night.

On the flip side, I enjoy my night shift a lot more than my day crew. While there are lovely nurses on day shift, some of them I could prefer not to interact with. I find they treat other members of our team poorly, and are the typical grandfathered in older nurses who think they know everything and exclude everything you have to say even when they are clearly wrong. I also feel my night shift is more supportive to one another.

Still the day life while stressful is less chaotic on your body, than working a night shift.

Over the years I have developed a preference for night shift. I have a pretty good choice available between night, swings, and day shift in extended care home health, as well as PM or AM 12 hour shifts on some cases. I will always take a night shift position first but will acquiesce to other scheduling if it means being employed.

OUxPhys, BSN, RN

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I prefer night shift but I can't sleep during the day LOL.