8 Days of just shadowing...


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plus more, up to ten if I want them- I am a new grad entering LTC, is this is a good amount of training?


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In our acute care setting our new hires , new grad or not, they "shadow" one to two days ( 12 hour shifts/3 days a week) On the third day they are starting to do hands on with their preceptors patients. By week 2 they have one patient they do total care for along with preceptor. Every week the number of patients increases. After week six most new hires are on their own.

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Eight days just shadowing seems like a lot, but I would think the more important question is how long will your hands-on training be after the shadowing?

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Take it dinah77! Take all of the days of shadowing that you can possibly stand. Your facility appears to be kind in allowing you to have this shadow time. Use it wisely!

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shadow as much as you can. Like other have said how much 1 on 1 training will you get after the shadowing?

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thanks for all the replies!

I'm not sure about 1-1 hands on, actually the way they made it sound was it wouldn;t be just shadowing the whole time, but after a day or two I would move into primary patient care while working with the precpetor and their patients

This facility seems unique in that often there is not just CNA's and RN's on the floor, but that often a nurse manager is present too

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Ten days of orientation for LTC seems like the norm around here. Pretty much ever LTC interview I've had I've been told nurses get up to 10 days of orientation on the floor.