9days to go for nclex rn exam any advise


hello frnds i am gng to take exam on 14th april...i have completed sunders,3500 & 4000 questions ,from pda all chapters questions,kaplan qtrainers,nclex exam cram sheet n lastly but most helpful nurses guide read 3 to 4 times....than only i have anxiety ....any advise for me in last days....

thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you have prepared well. Do yourself a favor and take a couple of days off before the exam. Take two days before the exam and don't study. Put away your books and papers and spend some time on yourself. Go shopping, get a pedicure, go out to lunch with a friend (or by yourself). Relax. Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.

The morning before the test, eat a good breakfast and gather all your documents (ID, ATT, registration papers, etc.). Review ONLY one or two short topics that you're worried about, for no more than 30 minutes. Give yourself plenty of time to drive to the testing center. Leave 1/2 an hour earlier than you need to, do there is no risk you'll be late. Wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers in case the test center is too cold or too hot.

Before the test, take a deep breath and try to relax. Read each question and answer choice carefully before you make a selection. Try to eliminate as many answers as possible and choose between the best answers. If you're really stuck on a question, go with your gut feeling. Once you've answered a question, forget about it and move on to the next one. Don't get hung up worrying about whether you answered it right. It's in the past, so think only about the question you're answering now. Don't worry about what types of questions you're getting, how many questions you have answered, or whether the questions seem hard or easy. Just take them one at a time until the computer shuts off.

Remind yourself that you have studied and studied for this test. You know the material. You're ready. You can do it.


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Wow!! you really have worked. I would say go over your weak area's and then take a couple days off to relax. Good luck!!:p


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thanks ashley and futurern........


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you are preparing yourself well. Good luck!

Relax. That is the best piece of advice people gave me.