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Our company is being bought by davita. What can we expect? Will they keep all ccht's, lpn's, reuse, and RN's?

I work for davita and have been with the company since 2005. They will continue to have rns, cchts and reuse techs..however if you are an lpn like myself they encourage you to get your rn.but I got " grandfathered in" so to speak...:)

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I am a RN I just wonder what to expect with the change. They will come visit our unit then send all future employees a letter. Can you tell me as much about this company as possible. How do they do holiday pay, vacation accrual, we just wonder will they keep everyone kind of frightening not know the changes we will go through.

Our facility (hospital owned) was just bought out by Da Vita.

I personally chose to not apply with them. During the initial negotiations, this did not preclude my employer however, from divulging my entire work history, and salary to Da Vita with "me" being part of the "package" they were considering buying. Much like, "does the refrigerator come with the house" scenario.

From my research, they skirted the limits of legality on this, but it put all of my coworkers at a disadvantage for negotiating terms, should they apply with the buying (Da Vita) company.

All of my RN contemporaries that applied for and accepted a position with Da Vita, took a +/- $5/hr cut in pay, decreased staffing ratios, cuts in OT reimbursement and retirement.

No thanks.

It all depends on the number of employees that are in your facility. It also depends if all of the current employees agree to remian with the company. The may or may not attempt to adjust your salaries.

Then if enough do not agree to stay the deal may or may not go through. For certain key positions they may bring in thier own team. eg Administrator or Clinical Manager. The try to keep as many of the original folks or even offer alternative positins or clinics.

I geeneral it is a good company. Lots of opportunity for growth and education. Give it a try. You may be surprised.

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As described by Guttercat pretty much our experience (except, no salary cuts, I am aware of),,, with a recent DaVita buyout.

I started in Dialysis one year ago. My previous company trained me... So, I am basically being paid as an untrained nurse... I was supposed to get my review next month. Now with the DaVita buy out it might be a year before I get a salary review.

Needless to say, they have not earned,,, nor do they have any loyalty from me. I am actively pursuing an alternative position.


As austx_fsa wrote when this company buys you out they keep you at the same low pay forever, my review will be coming up the middle of the month, I expect the same .22 cent increase and my manager to say she just doesn't know what to offer nurses or what the going rate is (I'll be there for 2 years) certainly not a new dialysis nurse. You may get a bonus, but the bonus amounts to about $0.50 per hour before taxes.

I understand it depends on your manager if you have a good one then Lucky you, if not well theres no hope. This company has not earned my trust or loyalty. I also don't feel there is any opportunity to expand, no other clinics in this area in driving distance. Maybe if we're lucky this company will come out with a pay scale so each and every nurse is on the same level.

During the buy out if your lucky enough to have a higher wage then they will keep you at that pay, if you have a lower wage as I did then they will keep you at that. another words, no increase in wage or decrease.

Hope this helps

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Just to chime in and give another point of view....

I have been with the company for more than 8 years. I was not involved in any buyouts but have had a really great experience with the company overall. I think a lot of this has to do with your individual management though, as Joni's Mom said.

I always got 5% raises until the economy went bad and since then there has been a cap on raises. This cap is for the whole unit so again it depends on your manager. If your unit is allowed 2.5% per teammate, this means someone who is performing below average and gets a 1% raise frees up funds for a good teammate to get a raise higher than 2.5%.

The bonuses are decided by your outcomes (everything from vaccination rates to staffing hours to lab results). The manager (FA) chooses what outcomes your bonuses are going to be based on so that you are able to focus on a few specific things.

I think that it will probably be a rough transition, but these kinds of things almost always are. Good luck! Let me know if I can help with anything.

Just a question

If the Manager only gives a 1% raise to most of the employees then where does the other money in the kitty go?????

Do all the managers know there is a 2.5% raise per teammate? Goes to show if you have a good manager then lucky you, if not well ???????. Sure does pay to be in the pocket of the manager. Like I said this company has not earned my trust or loyalty.

Maybe if everyone is on the same page things would be different.

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All points of views welcomed! We are small 3 day unit. Is holiday pay time and a half?

Holiday pay if worked is time and a half, no holiday pay if you do not work it.

Hope this helps

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