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My school district opted to  run our own dashboard, to provide real time info to parents. I have had a number of cases reported in the past 2 days to me that spiked up the number, but here is the thing, they started over vacation.

So the ? is, do they go on the dashboard as + cases in my building as there does not appear to be any school connection?

I can see it both ways. Noting that the school is impacted by their absence but also that there is no connection. I am all for transparency and would not like to appear that we are "hiding" cases. 


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Maybe you can add an asterisk to the number and indicate that this number includes outside cases of students/staff that had no in-school connection?

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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I offered up that idea...we shall see.



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Our district only adds the cases that were actually on campus during their "infectious period".  

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I track all numbers, but I do separate cases to those that were tested on campus and off. For the week of break, I tracked those separately, but in the dashboard. We report our numbers weekly to staff and families. 

But we test A LOT on campus. So I can use these numbers to get us a weekly % rate that is I feel this is pretty decent. 

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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We ended up leaving them but with a qualifier....and then a parent was pissed that the numbers were there but no indication/email that we were moving to masking....cannot please anyone....